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Ukulele players are musicians who bring a unique charm and warmth to their performances with this small, four-stringed instrument. They range from beginners strumming simple chords to virtuosos crafting intricate melodies and rhythms. Known for its cheerful and melodic sound, the ukulele has a way of connecting with audiences, evoking feelings of joy and nostalgia. Ukulele players often embody a laid-back, creative spirit, embracing a wide array of genres from traditional Hawaiian music to contemporary pop and folk. Their passion for the instrument shines through in their performances, inspiring others to explore its versatile and inviting nature.

1. Craig Chee

Craig Chee is a renowned ukulele player and educator known for his dynamic playing style and engaging performances. Based in Hawaii, Chee has become a prominent figure in the ukulele community, blending traditional Hawaiian sounds with contemporary techniques. His expertise extends beyond performance; he is also dedicated to teaching and sharing his passion for the ukulele through workshops and online lessons. Chee often collaborates with other musicians, bringing a fresh and innovative approach to the instrument. His contributions have significantly influenced the ukulele’s modern resurgence, inspiring a new generation of players to explore its possibilities.

2. Aldrine Guerrero

Aldrine Guerrero is a highly respected ukulele player, educator, and performer known for his innovative techniques and charismatic stage presence. Based in Hawaii, Guerrero has made significant contributions to the ukulele community, particularly through his work with Ukulele Underground, an online platform offering lessons, tutorials, and resources for ukulele enthusiasts. His playing style combines elements of traditional Hawaiian music with contemporary genres, showcasing the instrument’s versatility. Guerrero’s passion for teaching and his approachable, enthusiastic manner have helped countless students improve their skills and deepen their appreciation for the ukulele. His influence continues to inspire and shape the future of ukulele music.

3. Abe Lagrimas Jr.

Abe Lagrimas Jr. is a versatile and acclaimed ukulele player, drummer, and multi-instrumentalist known for his exceptional skill and innovative approach to music. Hailing from Hawaii, Lagrimas has gained recognition for his ability to blend jazz, classical, and contemporary styles, bringing a unique voice to the ukulele. His virtuosic playing and musicality have earned him a place among the top performers in the ukulele world. In addition to his performance career, Lagrimas is an accomplished composer and educator, sharing his extensive knowledge and passion for music through workshops and instructional materials. His contributions continue to expand the horizons of what the ukulele can achieve.

4. Jason Arimoto

Jason Arimoto is a renowned ukulele artist, blending traditional Hawaiian sounds with contemporary influences. Born and raised in Hawaii, Arimoto’s passion for music led him to master the ukulele, transforming its image with his unique, soulful style. He is celebrated for his dynamic performances, often incorporating blues, reggae, and rock elements. As a dedicated educator, Arimoto shares his expertise through workshops and online tutorials, inspiring a new generation of musicians. His innovative approach and heartfelt playing have earned him a loyal following, making him a prominent figure in the global ukulele community.

5. Del Rey

Del Rey is an acclaimed guitarist and singer known for her unique blend of country blues, ragtime, and early jazz. With a passion for vintage sounds, she masterfully plays both guitar and ukulele, showcasing intricate fingerpicking techniques and soulful vocals. Rey’s musical journey began in her teens, inspired by blues legends such as Memphis Minnie and Mississippi John Hurt. Over the years, she has developed a distinctive style, characterized by her exceptional technical skill and deep understanding of traditional American music. Rey is also a respected music educator, sharing her knowledge through workshops and instructional videos, influencing aspiring musicians worldwide.

6. Jake Shimabukuro

Jake Shimabukuro is a world-renowned ukulele virtuoso celebrated for his groundbreaking techniques and genre-defying performances. Born and raised in Hawaii, Shimabukuro has elevated the ukulele to new heights, showcasing its potential in genres ranging from traditional Hawaiian music to rock, jazz, and classical. His intricate fingerwork and emotive playing style have captivated audiences globally, earning him a reputation as one of the most influential ukulele players of his generation. Beyond his performance career, Shimabukuro is also a dedicated advocate for music education, inspiring countless individuals to explore the ukulele. His innovative artistry continues to redefine the possibilities of this humble instrument.

7. Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, affectionately known as “IZ,” was a legendary Hawaiian musician renowned for his ethereal voice and masterful ukulele playing. Born in Honolulu in 1959, IZ became a beloved figure in Hawaii and beyond, celebrated for his fusion of traditional Hawaiian music with contemporary sounds. His rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World” gained international acclaim, capturing hearts with its haunting beauty and simplicity. A passionate advocate for Hawaiian culture and sovereignty, IZ’s music often reflected themes of love, peace, and Hawaiian pride. His legacy endures through his timeless recordings, continuing to inspire and uplift listeners around the world.

8. James Hill

James Hill is an acclaimed ukulele player and songwriter from Canada, renowned for his innovative and eclectic approach to the instrument. His mastery spans a diverse range of genres, from folk and jazz to classical and blues, pushing the boundaries of what the ukulele can achieve. Hill’s technical prowess and creative arrangements have garnered him international acclaim, establishing him as a leading figure in the contemporary ukulele scene. In addition to his performing career, Hill is a passionate educator, authoring instructional books and conducting workshops worldwide. His dedication to both performance and teaching has inspired many to discover and appreciate the ukulele’s versatility and charm.

9. Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder is the iconic lead vocalist and guitarist of the rock band Pearl Jam, one of the most influential bands of the 1990s grunge movement. Born in 1964 in Evanston, Illinois, Vedder’s distinctive baritone voice and introspective lyrics have made him a defining figure in alternative rock. Beyond Pearl Jam, he has released solo work, including the acclaimed soundtrack for the film “Into the Wild.” Known for his passionate performances and activism, Vedder is deeply committed to social and environmental causes. His powerful, emotive music continues to resonate with fans worldwide, cementing his status as a rock legend.

10. Troy Fernandez

Troy Fernandez is a celebrated Hawaiian musician known for his innovative and influential ukulele playing. As a member of the popular duo Kaʻau Crater Boys, Fernandez helped bring a fresh and contemporary sound to Hawaiian music in the 1990s. His virtuosic ukulele techniques, characterized by fast strumming, intricate picking, and a dynamic range, set him apart as a leading figure in the ukulele renaissance. Beyond his work with Kaʻau Crater Boys, Fernandez has enjoyed a successful solo career, continuing to inspire and entertain with his vibrant performances and dedication to Hawaiian musical traditions.

11. Benny Chong

Benny Chong is a highly respected ukulele player known for his exceptional jazz-influenced style and technical proficiency. Originally from Hawaii, Chong has significantly contributed to the evolution of the ukulele, particularly in jazz music. His sophisticated chord melodies and intricate improvisations have set a new standard for ukulele performance, showcasing the instrument’s capabilities beyond its traditional roots. Chong’s career includes numerous performances with top jazz musicians and participation in various recordings, reflecting his deep musical expertise and innovation. His influence as a performer and educator continues to inspire and elevate the art of ukulele playing within the jazz genre and beyond.

12. Daniel Ho

Daniel Ho is a Grammy-winning musician, producer, and composer known for his contributions to Hawaiian music and his virtuosity on the ukulele. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Ho’s musical journey spans various genres, including jazz, classical, and world music. He has released numerous albums, many of which feature his innovative ukulele arrangements and compositions. Ho is also a respected educator and has published instructional books and videos to teach aspiring musicians. His work often highlights the beauty of Hawaiian culture, and his collaborations with other artists have helped bring Hawaiian music to a global audience.

13. Taimane Gardner

Taimane Gardner is a dynamic and charismatic ukulele virtuoso known for her electrifying performances and genre-blending style. Born and raised in Hawaii, Gardner has captivated audiences worldwide with her unique ability to fuse classical, rock, flamenco, and traditional Hawaiian music into her playing. Her technical skill and creative arrangements highlight the ukulele’s versatility, transforming it into a powerful instrument for diverse musical expressions. Taimane’s stage presence and passion for music have earned her a devoted following and critical acclaim. As a performer and composer, she continues to push the boundaries of ukulele music, inspiring a new generation of musicians.

14. Herb Ohta Jr.

Herb Ohta Jr. is a renowned ukulele virtuoso and composer, celebrated for his exquisite technique and heartfelt performances. Born and raised in Hawaii, he is the son of legendary ukulele player Herb “Ohta-San” Ohta. Following in his father’s footsteps, Ohta Jr. has carved out his own distinguished career, blending traditional Hawaiian music with contemporary styles. His discography includes numerous solo albums and collaborations with other esteemed musicians. Ohta Jr. is also a dedicated educator, teaching ukulele workshops worldwide and inspiring a new generation of players. His artistry and passion have earned him a prominent place in the world of ukulele music.

15. Roy Sakuma

Roy Sakuma is a renowned ukulele player, teacher, and mentor who has played a pivotal role in promoting and popularizing the ukulele in Hawaii and beyond. As the founder of the Roy Sakuma Ukulele Studios, the largest ukulele school in Hawaii, he has dedicated his career to teaching and inspiring thousands of students of all ages. Sakuma is also the creator of the annual Ukulele Festival Hawaii, one of the largest and most celebrated ukulele events in the world, which brings together ukulele enthusiasts and top performers. His lifelong commitment to music education and community engagement has made him a beloved figure in the ukulele world.

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