If you’ve ever been in a rock band or rock band-adjacent, you probably already know all too well how underrated and underappreciated bassists are. Bassists are a core part of any rock outfit, yet they never really get the recognition they deserve. This goes for small bands as well as massive rock outfits that have garnered a lot of fame today. Let’s look at a few examples of underrated rock bassists who should be more famous than they are!

1. Mark Sandman

Mark Sandman came to fame through his work with the alternative rock band Morphine. Sandman deserves a spot on this list for his skill and contributions to rock, sure. But he also deserves some recognition for his very unique way of playing bass. Sandman was known for using a slide when he played the bass, which is a bit unusual compared to similar artists in the genre. RIP, Sandman!

3. Bob Daisley

This talented bassist is mainly known for his work with Ozzy Osbourne’s band in the 1980s and 1990s. However, he’s been involved with a ton of different hard rock and metal bands over the years, and for good reason. He’s a talented bassist who can handle adapting his sound to match the vibe of whatever band he’s performing with. He also happens to be a very talented songwriter as well.

3. Kim Deal

Fans of the Pixies remember Kim Deal’s era of Pixies all too well. She was one of the original members of the alternative rock outfit and also the driving force behind the success of The Breeders and The Amps. She’s a cornerstone figure of the grunge movement of the 1990s and just an overall very talented bassist who doesn’t get enough credit for her skill over her persona.

4. Sam Rivers

Sam Rivers has been Limp Bizkit’s bassist for years. He doesn’t get enough credit for how much he’s contributed to the band and nu-metal as a genre. His heavy yet precise playing style is easily recognizable to fans of Limp Bizkit, as is Wes Borland’s killer (and also underrated) guitar-playing skills.

Photo by Kevin Winter

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