• May 16, 2024
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Prepare for an evening of musical magic as the Rick Howard Quartet takes the stage to present a Celebration of Music on Thursday, June 6, 2024, at 7:30 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center, Moe Auditorium. This is not just another concert; it’s an invitation to enjoy different music genres, from the soulful depths of Jazz and Blues to the infectious rhythms of Pop, Latin, and timeless classics from the Great American Songbook.

At the core of this exceptional ensemble is the unmatched talent of Rick Howard, whose guitar virtuosity has earned him recognition as one of South Florida’s most outstanding musicians. Matt Mangas from US 41 Radio rightly says, “In an area brimming with guitar talent, Rick Howard stands out as one of South Florida’s best.” Howard’s performances with a string of sold-out shows have become legendary, leaving audiences yearning for more.

But Howard doesn’t stand alone; he’s backed by a trio of musical maestros that elevate the experience to new heights. Ken Levinsky, a master of the keys, adds depth and richness to the ensemble with his captivating piano melodies. Tony Vigilante’s percussive prowess on the drums injects energy and dynamism into every note. At the same time, Jay Heavilin’s rhythmic mastery of the bass provides a solid foundation for this musical journey.



Anticipate the unexpected as this quartet navigates through a diverse repertoire, taking you on a captivating journey of sound. From the sultry grooves of Jazz to the foot-tapping beats of Blues, from the infectious melodies of Pop to the fiery rhythms of Latin, every moment is a delightful surprise, promising to be a revelation.

Head to the Performing Arts Center, 10150 Bonita Beach Rd., for an unforgettable evening of musical diversity and entertainment. Tickets are available now at $45 for table seating and $35 for regular seating. Take your chance to be part of this extraordinary showcase of talent. As the applause fades and the final notes linger in the air, you’ll find yourself asking one question: “When is the next show?” ¦

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