Knoxville based singer-songwriter Briston Maroney is a pioneer of Nashville indie, a genre that combines elements of traditional country, folk, rock and alternative music. After a few singles, he began to gain critical acclaim towards the end of the 2010’s last decade for his EPs, Big ShotCarnival and Indiana, each with their own take on storytelling, before releasing his first album, Sunflower. Maroney’s latest album, Ultrapure, has a story all its own, and represents the evolution of Maroney’s sound. 

Maroney’s life experience plays into the gritty realness of his music. His songs feel raw, and honest, and this personal vulnerability is what makes him a worthwhile act to see this summer. Since his 2020 hit “Freakin’ Out on the Interstate,” which features a slow melody and evocative lyrics, to his latest single “Skydiver,” which explores themes of anxiety, the now 26-year-old singer isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Maroney is a prime example of the art of indie music, and he understands how to craft a song in a way that draws the listener in and leaves them wanting more.

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