Here’s a list of 5 celebrities you may not have known have achieved at least one Guinness World Record. 1, Beyoncé. The star is the most-awarded artist in Grammy history, with a total of 32 awards and 88 nominations from the Grammy Awards. 2, Jackie Chan. Since 2012, Jackie Chan has held the award for the living actor who has performed the most stunts, appearing in more than 100 films since 1972. 3, Cristiano Ronaldo. In 2021, the striker became the most followed person on Instagram after reaching 237 million followers. He still holds that title today. 4, Billie Eilish. In 2022, the singer won the title of “youngest person to win the film music awards ‘triple crown'” (winning an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a Grammy). 5, Betty White. The late Betty White earned the title for longest TV career for an entertainer (female), spanning over 74 years of work in the industry in 2013.

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