Ernie Lynn, the son of the late Loretta Lynn, posted a heartfelt video message to fans on Saturday to reveal he recently had heart surgery.

“Hey, for all y’all that have been praying for me and stuff, I appreciate it and love y’all for it,” he said in a video posted to his wife Crystal Lynn’s Facebook account. “I’m getting better. I just had some heart surgery and stuff. I’m getting a little better every day. Thank y’all for praying for me. God bless you.”

Ernie Lynn, 69, has battled health issues the past year, including kidney failure in January. Ernie Lynn was in the hospital and undergoing a “critical” surgery as he battled kidney failure. He recovered and returned home where he appeared to be doing well until two weeks ago.

Crystal Lynn shared shared Ernie Lynn returned to the hospital and needed a couple of procedures.

“I know that social media has made it easy for us all to share things that we normally wouldn’t,” she wrote on Facebook after the procedures. “However in this instance I’m going to keep the details of his healthy private out of respect for him, as well as because not everyone out there means well and might misuse the information.”

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