• May 26, 2024
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Faraualla – Culla e Tempesta (Zero Nove Nove, 2024)

Faraualla’s latest album, Culla e Tempesta (Cradle and Storm) explores the themes of resilience. The album delves into poetry, violence, joy, sacrifice, war, resistance, and the contrast between fairy tales and reality across 14 songs.

The quartet includes Gabriella Schiavone, Teresa Vallarella, Maristella Schiavone, and Loredana Savino. The highly talented vocalists present a diverse and awesome mix of vocal expressions from different ethnic groups and historical periods. Each composition, inspired by various atmospheres or emotions, evolves through the expressive immediacy of the voice.


With an assortment of vocal colors, notes, and rhythms, the creative process weaves together melodies and harmonies, resulting in a cohesive set of songs that reflect personal experiences, literature, education, love, protests, and a sense of belonging.

In terms of repertoire, Culla e Tempesta features 14 tracks that encompass covers, original songs, and lyrics in Italian, various dialects, and English, along with invented languages and sound syllables. The album title encapsulates its essence, symbolizing both nurturing comfort and turbulent challenges.

Culla e Tempesta represents Faraualla’s boundary-pushing approach to vocal music. Embracing experimentation and sonic exploration, the quartet crafts precious and enthralling compositions that transcend conventional labels, echoing the cultural richness of their native Apulia region.

Author: Iliana Cabrera


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