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Francisco Escudero Márques, also known as “El Perrete,” was born in Lanzarote in 1992 but is considered a native of Extremadura (western Spain) in all respects. Despite his youth, he is a seasoned flamenco singer, deeply immersed in the experiential aspects of flamenco through influential figures like La Kaita, Ramón “El Portugués,” and guitarist Miguel Vargas.

In 2010, he won the “Porrina de Badajoz” scholarship and relocated to Seville to further his education at the Cristina Heeren Foundation. He swiftly began collaborating with prominent dancers and touring internationally (including Croatia, Israel, Mexico, and Japan). Additionally, he gained recognition among young talents and became sought after for flamenco events and festivals.

In 2015, he presented his solo show “De Raíz” in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and was frequently invited to represent Extremaduran flamenco, including performances at the Brussels Flamenco Festival at BOZAR in 2017 and ExpoDubai 2022.

In 2017, he released Quiso Dios (2017) featuring Manuel Parrilla on guitar, produced by José Losada, with recordings at Casa Patas (Madrid). Moving forward, in 2018, he was part of the AIE Spain national tour, presenting his debut album Quiso Dios. In 2022, he presented his show “Flamenco de la tradición a la vanguardia” at the Teatro Real in Madrid.

Los Cantes De Laboreo De Torredelcampo came out in 2019. It is a collection of labor songs introduced in the “Los cantes de laboreo de Torredelcampo” disc-book by flamenco scholar Antonio Alcántara Moral, produced by the University of Seville.

Among his numerous awards, notable achievements include: Winner of the “Desencaja” competition organized by the Federation of Flamenco Peñas of Andalusia (2015); Winner of various categories at the International Festival of Cante de las Minas, including Tarantas, Andalusian Folk Songs, and Miner’s Songs (2018, 2019); Overall winner of the Don Juan Valderrama Memorial (2019) and the XXII National Flamenco Art Competition of Córdoba (2019).

In 2022, he released the single “Valderrama en los sentidos,” with guitarist David de Arahal.


Quiso Dios (Zamara Music, 2017)
Los Cantes De Laboreo De Torredelcampo (University of Seville, 2019)

Author: Angel Romero

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