For some groups their first hit is the big one, the albatross they have carry around for the rest of their careers, lives even. Others are lucky to enjoy a more gradual trajectory. Take Kings Of Leon, for example.

After signing to RCA in 2002, the Followill brothers, Caleb, Nathan, Jared and their cousin Matthew, had been for their first few years, essentially, a music press band. There was a good back story – the brothers’ father was a Pentacostal minister: they were, literally, sons of a preacher man.

Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon in 2003 (Image credit: Getty Images)

Their 2003 debut album Youth And Young Manhood garnered positive reviews for its distinctive Southern take on the then-current garage rock sound. There was much talk of them being ‘the Southern Strokes’, and like the skinny-jeaned New Yorkers, the Followills, with their flowing just-stepped-out-of-the 1970s hair, were good looking and young; Bassist Jared was a mere 16 when that first album is released.

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