This past Saturday, May 11, English singer-songwriter Holly Humberstone did not disappoint as she graciously took the stage at the Brooklyn Steel for one of two NY shows.

She is scheduled to tour until the end of May as part of “The Holly Humberstone (This Feels Like the Truman) Show” North American leg. Her tour, which makes lyrical reference to her song, “Ghost Me,” included many tracks off of her latest album, Paint My Bedroom Black.

Holly Humberstone, photographed by Sarah Hyun

The pop-rock artist gained popularity after releasing her debut EP, Falling Asleep at the Wheel. Fans resonated deeply with her heartfelt lyrics, as she sang candidly about the difficulties of navigating familial and romantic relationships, addiction, breakups, and growing up. “Falling Asleep at the Wheel,” one of her most popular songs, includes lyrics like “Oh, you never smoked this much before we / Light up, light up another cigarette / I can tell you’re drinking only to forget / Don’t know how I got you in such a mess.” Holly never fails to cut right to the heart with her words. 

Holly Humberstone, photographed by Sarah Hyun

Currently, Humberstone has eighteen tour dates left. She previously played at Webster Hall in 2022, and also toured during Girl in Red’s “Make It Go Quiet” tour and Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour” tour.

Holly Humberstone, photographed by Sarah Hyun

Holly started the night off strong with her song, “Paint My Bedroom Back,” of which her latest album is named after. Each band member took the stage one at a time, triggering a round of screams from fans who had been camping out hours ahead to make it to the front of the barricade. The energy swelled in the room as Holly’s guitarist, bassist, and drummer built up the opening track seamlessly. 

Holly Humberstone, photographed by Sarah Hyun

Upon Holly’s entrance, the crowd made a deafening sound, and she scaled the stage freely, singing her heart out while swishing her hair to the beat. During “Elvis Impersonators,” she recounted her experience in Tokyo, and how she was surrounded by people “dressing up like Michael Jackson.” In the song, she sang lyrics like, “And the Elvis impersonators / Crowding at the elevators / Reminds you of a private joke we had.” The crowd stayed silent during this song, soaking in Humberstone’s beautifully raspy vocals.

Holly Humberstone, photographed by Sarah Hyun

Holly ended the night with “Ghost Me,” before singing “Friendly Fire” and “Scarlett” during the encore. Fans, feeling bittersweet that the show was over, exited the venue with satisfied smiles on their faces. 

Setlist: Paint My Bedroom Black, Into Your Room, The Walls Are Way Too Thin, Overkill, Kissing In Swimming Pools, Cocoon, Dive, Deep End, Can You Afford To Lose Me?, Antichrist, Down Swinging, Lauren, Falling Asleep at the Wheel, Elvis Impersonators, Flatlining, Girl, Sleep Tight, Ghost Me

Encore: Friendly Fire, Scarlett

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