CHICAGO — House Music 40 and ARC Music Festival are partnering to hold a pop-up event later this month at Daley Plaza to celebrate the 40th anniversary of House Music.

The special pop-up event will start at noon on May 29 and feature performances by DJ Derrick Carter and DJ Heather.

The free event is hosted by Mother Diva.

Cook County Commissioner Bill Lowry will also present a resolution of House Music 40.

“As a Southsider who grew up enjoying House music, it is an honor to show tribute to the originators of House and its birthplace—launching a global phenomenon that has contributed to our great city and our county,” Lowry said in a news release. “We’re excited to be a part of the kick-off celebrations.”

House Music 40, which aims to raise awareness of the contributions made by house music while providing financial support for Chicago house music DJs, artists, producers and promoters facing health concerns. ARC focuses on educating people on the origins of electronic music listeners.

“House Music 40 understands that after everything those DJs have given us, it’s important for us as fans to give back,” ARC Music Festival co-found John Curley said. “It’s impossible to fully thank someone for the gift of house music, but in every action, we take with ARC we aim to keep letting them know that ARC is a living monument dedicated to them and house music everywhere.”

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