• Taylor Swift has written 124 songs solo and a total of 252 songs overall, including co-writing credits and songs for other artists and soundtracks.
  • Swift is known for writing her own songs and has been credited as the sole writer on many of her tracks, including her entire third album,
    Speak Now
  • Swift is re-recording her first six albums to regain control over her music and ensure that no one else profits from her songs.

Singer and songwriter Taylor Swift has been on the music scene for what feels like forever now. In that time, she’s gone from a teenage country singer strumming a guitar to a full-blown pop icon who sells out stadiums and has consistently best-selling albums.

Her songs are critically acclaimed, and she regularly wins awards for her songwriting. Swift is known for writing about her love life, including past and current boyfriends. Since many of her ex-boyfriends were also celebrities, interest in her music has always been especially high. Swift has quite a fan base and Swifties, as they call themselves, love listening to her songs and wonder what, or who, they’re about.

But just how many songs has Taylor Swift actually written?


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As of May 2024, Taylor Swift is credited with writing 124 songs solo. This includes her original albums, the reworking of her Taylor’s Version albums, and the songs released from the vault on the republished music. Overall, Swift has written or co-written a total of 252 songs. And with two more republished albums due out, there are sure to be more songs added to this count.

Taylor Swift Writes (Or Co-Writes) All Of Her Songs

Taylor Swift Has Written Or Co-Written The Songs On All Her Albums

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  • Taylor Swift wrote all the songs on her third album, Speak Now

From her very first album, there were always at least a handful of songs that Swift was credited as the sole writer on, including an old Swifties favorite, ‘Our Song’ and yet musician Damon Albarn was quoted in the LA Times saying that Taylor Swift didn’t write her own music.

Needless to say, that didn’t go over too well. The quote made the media rounds and Swift received support and fans expressed outrage.

Swift herself clapped back at Albarn and she didn’t hold back. Swift has actually written quite a bit of music, and she’s darn proud of it. In fact, writing her own songs is kind of what Swift is known for.

Her songwriting credits include a lot of her own work, including the entirety of her third album, Speak Now, which was released in 2010. She’s also penned a few songs for other artists.

So How Many Songs Has Taylor Swift Written?

Taylor Swift Has Written 124 Songs Solo

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  • Taylor Swift has written or co-written a total of 252 songs

Officially, Swift had been credited as the sole writer of 124 songs as of 2024. She has co-writing credit for all other songs on her albums, and has since released Midnights, a 2022 album with (depending on the version) up to 23 tracks, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) with six new tracks from the vault, 1989 (Taylor’s Version) with five new tracks from the vault, and The Tortured Poets Department with a total of 31 new songs.

That brings the grand total of Swift-credited songs to 252.

Swift wrote her first song at the age of 12 years old and released her first album, which was self-titled, on October 24, 2006. The singer was just 16 years old, and at the time, many were impressed by the young girl with a guitar who wrote her own songs.

She was credited as the sole writer for three songs on that first album, the self-titled Taylor Swift. She was the co-writer for the other eight songs. Taylor drew lyrics from her personal life and sang about crushes, first love, and teenage relationships.



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This has been her signature style ever since and as Swift has grown, so have her lyrics and her storytelling.

Who Has Taylor Swift Written Songs For?

Taylor Writes Songs For Other Artists And Soundtracks

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  • Taylor Swift has written songs for Miley Cyrus, Sugarland, and more

In addition to her own catalog, Swift has written songs that other artists have performed. This is common practice in the music industry to write songs for other artists, especially if a songwriter has a certain vibe in mind for a song, one that doesn’t fit their usual style.

It’s also common for big celebrity singer/songwriters to write songs for movie soundtracks. Taylor Swift has done all of these.

Swift is the writer of the song Better Man for the country group Sugarland. She also wrote the song You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home, which was performed by Miley Cyrus. As for the big screen, Swift co-wrote a track for TheHunger Games called Safe and Sound.

She also co-wrote the ballad Beautiful Ghosts with Andrew Lloyd Weber in the hard-to-look-away-from movie musical Cats in which Swift had a role.

In her long career, Swift has co-written songs with Kellie Pickler, B.o.B, Boys Life Girls, and even her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris.

Taylor Swift Is Reclaiming All The Songs She Wrote

Taylor Swift Is Re-Recording Her First Six Albums

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  • Taylor Swift has only two more albums to remaster, Taylor Swift and Reputation

Swift has been busy recording new music and re-recording the old. After the drama with Scooter Braun buying her masters, Swift has been re-recording all of her albums made at her previous label. She made six albums at Big Machine before that label was sold, along with her masters, to Braun.

Swift wasn’t given the opportunity to buy her master’s herself but found a way to ensure that Braun would never make money off the songs she wrote (or co-wrote).

After the re-recordings at a new label, all songs that Swift had on her first six albums will belong to her and no one else will be able to profit from them. As of November 2023, Swift has re-recorded her first four albums under the titles, Fearless (Taylor’s Version),Red (Taylor’s Version),Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), and 1989 (Taylor’s Version), all of which include never-before-released songs from the vault. Swift has two more albums to republish, which are Taylor Swift and Reputation.

Of course, 2023-2024 also found Taylor on her ‘Eras’ tour, so there’s no telling exactly when she’ll get back to the studio, releasing either new or re-mastered songs. And with The Tortured Poets Department just being released, it will likely be sometime before either Reputation or Taylor Swift are re-recorded.

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