California, being known for its punk rock music since beginning, has many bands that have kept the punk rock tradition and torch lit for many of us that live and breathe by it. One of those bands is called Hunting Lions.

Hunting Lions dropped a sweet banger for us via Pirate Press Records. ” You & Me” has that genuine, badass, in-your-face, and real-as-they-come energy. “You & Me” just dropped, and right before they head out on their European tour from May 24 –June 8th. You can grab the song on all platforms as well as the music video. 

The song “You & Me” originated by Ben Coleman, straight from the heart and from personal life experience. Ben stated “The song is about a fight that I got into in 1985 when a couple of buddies and I ran into a group of Nazi ‘skins’ on our way to a show. This was the first time of many fights, beatdowns, and altercations we’d have with many different Righty groups back then. The song tells a short moment in time, but it represents a formative, coming of age period in my life. The friendships I made and lasted. The ideologies of anti-racism and punk/skinhead/outsider unity have lasted. My love for the subculture and subculture music has lasted.”

A super cool addition to this news announcement, with the song comes a free picture from the music video. The flexi art was from an early animation sketch by tattoo artist Dannyboy Smith. Pirate Press Records brainstormed to take an actual still from the animation, then take the negative for the picture flexi.

As for the video, the whole band handpicked a videographer, Paul Stevens, bringing an old school touch into the new school vibe. Hunting Lions stand strong by their convictions and speak straight from life about love, loss, and personal life challenges.  The bands’ music tells the story of the Bay Area punk scene and celebrates it with rock ‘n’ roll/punk vibe all the way.

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