Rebecca Frazier has released her new single, “Available,” under Compass Records. This track explores themes of commitment and infidelity, portraying a bride’s disillusionment as her husband flaunts his supposed availability by not wearing his wedding ring.

The inspiration for the song comes from Frazier’s own family. “My mother unwittingly set up this song when she teased my dad for never wearing his wedding ring,” Frazier explains. “They’ve been married for 51 years, but she still jokes, ‘He’s just trying to look available.’ I realized that’s actually a very real issue in a lot of marriages. It’s fun to joke about, but it’s not so funny when you’re living it, and it really is your spouse’s intent.”

In “Available,” Frazier uses humor to address a serious topic, a common technique in country music. “As the saying goes, ‘Sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying.’ We’re playing it and singing it in a lighthearted way, but there’s still an element of calling out the spouse for mistreating his lady,” Frazier says, adding, “I wrote this song while sitting on a piano bench at Nashville Music Academy, where I was teaching piano. It just came into my head in one piece, both melody and lyrics. That rarely happens for me.

Praising producer Bill Wolf, she says, “He made it a point to highlight the irreverent, but fun nature of the song.”

“Available” features outstanding players: Trey Hensley and Shelby Means on harmonies, Sam Bush on mandolin, Stuart Duncan on fiddle, Ron Block on banjo, Josh Swift on dobro and Barry Bales on bass.

Frazier is a notable figure in the bluegrass scene. She was the first woman to be featured on the cover of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine. Additionally, she earned the Guitar Performer of the Year nomination from the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America in both 2018 and 2019. Frazier is also known for her work with the Colorado-based band Hit & Run, the only group to win the Rockygrass, Telluride, and SPBGMA festival band competitions.

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