Shaboozey now has one of the best selling country songs in the U.S. And while his tenacity over the years and unique sound has garnered a number of fans, many of those who attended his sold-out show in Nashville say Beyoncé was a huge catalyst for their discovery. And it’s clear they are excited to witness the impact of his legacy for other Black country artists.

The “Cowboy Carter” collaborator packed out the Basement East on Monday with some fans excited to learn more of his music, others in anticipation of their favorite song from his past albums, and everyone waiting to hear his smash hit “A Bar Song (Tipsy).

His upcoming album “Where I’ve Been, Isn’t Where I’m Going” is out May 31. Of course, Shaboozey is featured on “Spaghettii” and “Sweet Honey Buckin‘” from Beyoncé’s highly acclaimed album “Cowboy Carter.”

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