More on how much the coaches make

That same source told The U.S. Sun: “Reba is getting around $13 million a season and that is the higher end of the fee range for talent – and a very substantial sum.

“It’s understood there is no room for that figure to rise, so very quietly behind the scenes private talks are taking place with agents and talent about those deals.”

Reba McEntire, 68, has only been on the show for two seasons, but she’s already receiving one of the largest paychecks.

The other country coaches Dan + Shay work as a team and, according to Style Caster, they also make $13 million.

John Legend has spent nine seasons on the show, and he’s also receiving $13 million a season, as reported by OK.

Chance the Rapper as a relatively new coach and a single act will only receive $8 million for the 25th season of the show.

How much do the coaches make?

The competition show is in its 25th season and despite it being a hit, there are rumored to be budget cuts that could affect the coach’s salaries.

A source previously told The U.S. Sun that leaders in the network plan to “tighten spending” as they scrutinize the “talent budget.”

The insider said, “There is a substantial trimming of costs and ways of looking at not increasing spending” across program teams.

The source revealed that the wages for coaches are at the top of the spending sheets. 

Still, it doesn’t seem like the budget cuts will affect every coach’s salary, but their paydays probably won’t be increasing.

Who was eliminated last week?

Below are the contestants that missed out on making the finale this week.

  • Serenity Arce – Team Chance
  • Maddi Jane – Team Chance
  • Madison Curbelo – Team Dan + Shay
  • Tae Lewis – Team Dan + Shay

Finalists and what team they are representing

Chance the Rapper has no chance of leading an artist to a win this season as all of his contestants have been eliminated.

Below are finalists and what coach is representing them.

  • Bryan Olesen – Team Legend
  • Nathan Chester – Team Legend
  • Karen Waldrup – Team Dan + Shay
  • Asher HaVon – Team Reba
  • Josh Sanders – Team Reba

More on Gina Miles

Gina successfully beat out finalists D. SmoothSorelléNOIVAS, and Grace West.

Regarding her success during the season, the singer shared: “I’m just surprised to be here and really grateful and thankful always.

“It’s really crazy. I never thought I would make it this far. I’m really excited and grateful.”

What to know about Gina Miles

Gina Miles was the winner of The Voice season 23.

Originally from Paxton, Illinois, she relocated to Sacramento shortly before auditioning for the program.

Regarding her inspiration to try out for The Voice, she often credits her father’s DJing career as her primary influence.

During the blind audition rounds of the show, Gina impressed judges Kelly Clarkson and Niall Horan with her rendition of Katy Perry’s The One That Got Away.

She appeared on part one of The Voice finale for a special performance.

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