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Cassette releases continue to infiltrate the Record Radar, and we’ve got a very special one batting leadoff this week! The friendly people at Tapehead City are partnering with Hellcat Records for this 35th anniversary cassette reissue of Operation Ivy’s Energy. This is the first time this has ever been reissued on the tiny, plastic, rectangular format.

Tapehead City owner Charlie Kaplan had this to say about the reissue: “Me and my friends grew playing in bands that would always cover Rancid and Opivy. These songs have been a part of me for so long. Working on this project was so much fun and such an honor. I really hope the fans are happy with the tapes. I think they came out great.”

There are two variants, limited to 1,000 copies each: a “2-Tone” tape made using scans of the original shell, and a “UV Edition” with an awesome all-over art print on the tape. You can pre-order both here, along with a fun Op Ivy x Tapehead City mashup shirt.

Here’s another bad ass 35th anniversary reissue, and this one’s on vinyl! Indianapolis junk rock pioneers Sloppy Seconds‘ classic debut album Destroyed is back in print for the first time in a long time, thanks to Puke ‘N’ Vomit Records. You can get it on coral (orange) and/or black wax right here.

MBNH is also putting out a killer 7” featuring four brand new tracks from pop-punk favorites The Putz. On and Up and Out is limited to 200 copies on clear blue colored vinyl and is being co-released by I Buy Records in Italy. It’ll also be available to purchase from Memorable But Not Honorable Friday, May 24th.

And last but certainly not least in Memorable But Not Honorable’s impressive release lineup is the 2nd pressing of their Saturday Morning Lineup compilation, limited to 100 copies on (Ninja Turtle?) green colored wax. This was originally released this time last year on white colored vinyl, which quickly sold out. It features covers of cartoon theme songs from The Putz, Zoanoids, Atomic Treehouse, Goin’ Places & many other great bands. You can buy it with your money from their webstore on – you guessed it – Friday, May 24th!

A few weeks ago Down By Law announced their new album Crazy Days, due out June 15th on Cleopatra Records, but at the time it was only available to pre-order on CD (otherwise known as compact disc but us in the trade). Now you can get it on beautiful red marble colored vinyl right here.

Guttermouth’s Eat Your Face turns 20 this year and to celebrate SBAM is releasing it on our treasured polyvinyl chloride music format for the very first time. There are two color variants, limited to 250 copies each allegedly. You can get them from any of SBAM’s regional webstores.

AFI’s 1999 classic Black Sails in the Sunset is getting a big time expanded reissue in honor of its 25th Anniversary. It’s due out July 19th and features bonus tracks in the previously unreleased “Weight of Words” and B-Side “Who Knew?”. This is being released on a handful of color variants but all but one of them sold out almost immediately. The one that’s still available to purchase is the Neon Orange retail variant, which you can get from Amazon and pretty much anywhere else (Amazon’s the cheapest though, of course).

Another anniversary! Perhaps not quite as significant as Black Sails but worth mentioning nonetheless. It’s the 10th anniversary of The Flatliners frontman Chris Cresswell’s One Week Record, and Fat Wreck Chords has repressed it for the first time since its original release. There are two color variants to choose from: Pink/white vinyl (150 copies) and green w/ yellow splatter (250 copies). Or, I guess there were two color variants to choose from, because the pink one’s already sold out. The green w/ yellow splatter is still available from Fat Wreck’s European webstore.

That Descendents Circle Jerks split 7” finds itself on the Record Radar for the third time; perhaps that’s a new record? Anyway, I guess it’s noteworthy that a new European exclusive clear color variant has popped up. You can get it here. And in case you missed it last week, the red color variant (limited to 500 copies) is still available on the Descendents’ US store.

We started this week’s Record Radar with a cassette release, so why not wrap things up with another cassette release? Two street punk bands, Philadelphia’s English Teeth and Las Vegas’ Fool’s Errand, have a brand new split EP out now and you can get it on snazzy orange cassette right here. It’s only $1 but I know damn well they had to have paid more than that to make these so I’d implore you to pay a bit more than that. If cassettes aren’t your thing, digital download is an option as well!

Well, that’s all, folks. Another Record Radar in the books. As always, thank you for tuning in. If there’s anything we missed (highly likely), or if you want to let everyone know about a new/upcoming vinyl release you’re excited about, leave us a comment below, or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, and we’ll look into it. Enjoy your weekend, and don’t blow too much money on spinny discs (or do, I’m not your father). See ya next time!

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