Ashes To Omens comes on strong with their new single “Feed Me More”. This modern metal sex-fueled anthem has an instantly likable groove. Ashes To Omens’ sound should have a broad range of appeal in the hard rock community. It will likely resonate with fans of bands like Godsmack and Five Finger Death Punk. With an intense and energetic rhythm, the song pounds your ears and lyrically it’s a sweaty, sex-centric song about exploring the heights of ecstasy.

Vocalist Matt Brandyberry has the right type of voice to really propel this track to a higher level. If you’re looking for an active rock radio anthem to get your blood pumping and your adrenaline revved up, look no further than this great new song by Ashes To Omens. Ashes To Omens’ last album was Black Boxes released in 2021, but the future is looking bright for 2024 if their latest single is any indication. The fans and critics have spoken and their answer is “Feed Me More”!!!

Ashes To Omens is currently out on the second part of the Blackout Tour across the U.S.

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