Bebe Rexha has once again removed a fan from her show for throwing an object at her. Rexha was playing at Palmesus Festival in Norway when the incident occurred. A similar incident occurred a year ago when she was hit in the face with a phone at a New York show. In a viral video, Rexha is seen addressing the fan, saying, “if you hit me with something on stage right now, I’ll take you for everything you’ve f*****g got.” Fan videos show Rexha telling security to escort the fan out of the venue. “Out, out, Or, if you wanna hit me in the face, I had to press charges for the other guy — I’d love to become richer,” said the singer. She also recently had several people removed from another concert for throwing objects at her during her performance. One of the assailants, Nicolas Malvagna, was arrested and charged with several counts of assault and harassment.

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