Beyoncé’s wax statue at the Grévin Museum in Paris is stirring up controversy, as fans think it looks nothing like the pop sensation. The wax statue is dressed in a deep-neck silver sequin bodysuit with a matching long metallic trail. Her shoes match her outfit, and her hair is styled in authentic light beach waves, similar to Beyoncé’s natural hair. However, fans were quick to spot the difference in her skin color, claiming she was completely whitewashed. “Baby this not Beyoncé this is Shakira…why can’t anyone ever get her was figures right?”, a fan wrote. “The whitening of Beyoncé at a wax museum”, an internet user wrote, while another said, “they didn’t even try.”] In 2017, fans also claimed that her Madame Tussauds wax statue did not look like her, saying the facial features were inaccurately crafted.

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