There’s a fine line between IT girl and “It” girl — one fixes up your computer, and one won’t leave your computer screen. (Also one is in all-caps and one is title case.) Charli XCX is more interested in the latter in her latest music video, for her new song “360,” released May 10, off her upcoming album, Brat. The song already name-checks internet faves Julia Fox and Matty Healy girlfriend Gabbriette, so it makes sense that the video features an absolute deluge of the girls that the web <3s. The music video begins with a little sketch set at the council of “It” girls, who are deciding who should be the next “hot internet girl.” They land on their waiter because she has, according to Rachel Sennott, “totally waiter vibes.” Charli can then proceed with her glittery, hooky, A.G. Cook–produced track. The music video then kicks into overdrive with an A-list cast featuring, among many: Blizzy McGuire, Chloe Cherry, Fox, Gabbriette, Quenlin Blackwell, Hari Nef, Emma Chamberlain, Alex Consani, and, finally, the mother of them all, Chloë Sevigny, who throws a cigarette that sets off an explosion. Hmmm … Sevigny’s inclusion makes us want a Ryan Murphy project with all these girlies included. Maybe they can torment Travis Kelce?

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