A vibrant celebration of Mexican culture was observed over the weekend at the Riverbank Community Center.

Running from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, June 15, Expo Mexico Magico featured the cultural contributions from states in the heart of Mexico, including the states of Jalisco, Hidalgo, Guerrero and Michoacan.

There were activities for all ages, with live music, colorful dances and delicious food. Booths offering food and beverages, handmade and manufactured products, and a variety of activities, many for youngsters, stretched across the grassy park area, from up by the swimming pool down to along Santa Fe Street, opposite Cardozo Middle School. Inside the Community Center, there were some tables and chairs set up for those who wished to take their food purchases there to sit and eat.

Early in the afternoon, a mariachi band, with brass instruments, percussion, and a couple of clarinets performed for those in attendance. They even brought their own mascot, a dancing costumed bear, which encouraged passersby to join in the celebration.

It was a musical, colorful event, open to all in the community, and drew a good-sized crowd to enjoy the festivities.

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