1. Inside Out 2 (review)- $57.4M/$469.3M

2. A Quiet Place: Day One (review) – $53M

Amidst a disappointing year all around for box office revenues this “How it started” tale of a world decimated by alien creatures with hyper-sonic hearing managed to pull in a respectable amount in its debut weekend. While it missed the top spot by $4M I don’t think anyone involved with the film will call that a loss.

3. Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1 (review)- $10M

You have to imagine this is a tough pill for Kevin Costner to swallow, especially coming off of his immense success with the similarly themed Yellowstone. While the film was never going to hit the $100M mark for a number of reasons (a 3hr runtime, R rating, Westerns being so far out of style their probably due for a comeback) you have to imagine Costner had his sights set on something more than a paltry $11M.

4. Bad Boys: Ride or Die – $10.3M/$165.2M

5. Kalki 2898 AD – $5.4M

6. The Bikeriders – $3.3M/$16.2M

Man….things are just getting worse for the Austin Butler/Tom Hardy starring drama. Last week I offered up the possibility of good word of mouth helping this film to gain traction in ticket sales. Welp, this week The Bikeriders posted the largest drop in ticket sales for any movie in the top 10 losing 66% of its audience.

7. The Garfield Movie – $2M/$89.6M

Never underestimate the power of an especially lazy, overweight cat who has an affinity for lasagna. I almost had to do a double take when checking the box office receipts for the Chris Pratt starring animated feature, as of this weekend The Garfield Movie has made $239.9M internationally.

8. Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes – $1.7M/168M

9. Jatt & Juliet 3– $1.9M/$17.7M

10. Kinds of Kindness – $1.5M/$2M




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