The Paris-based DJ and performer shares a euphoric mix ahead of her Sónar performance next month

Hailing from São Paulo’s vibrant party scene, Paris-based DJ and producer Slim Soledad is one to watch, having already caught the attention of fashion designers Riccardo Tisci and Casey Cadwallader, and collaborated with Burberry, Mugler and Prada. Besides co-founding trans-led party collective Chernobyl, an essential space for queer and trans BPOC communities in São Paulo, and a recent resident at Berlin queer club series HerrenSauna, Soledad’s distinct and delightfully chaotic blend of hard-edged techno, baile funk, contemporary vogue and Latino core have seen her land gigs at some of the most forward-thinking music festivals in Europe, including Sónar, Unsound, Dekmantel, and Primavera Sound.

Her debut EP, Space Manual For Those Who Cannot Swim draws on sci-fi music pioneers such as Drexyia to imagine a cosmic voyage through time and space – both a literal reference to Slim’s inability to swim, and a celebratory call for listeners to resist the status quo and embrace their authentic selves. “The project is based on the desire to take a trip to outer space, in a view of a long-standing fear of not being able to swim, as if everything had become extinct, and the thirst to be able to adapt into another atmosphere,” she explains.

This is best embodied on the rave-infused track “T.E.T.A Intergalactica”, an interstellar fusion of techno and baile funk rhythms that propels listeners into a transcendental space, beyond earthly realms. “Outer space would be one of the journeys I’d like to make in the not-to-distant future,” she elaborates.

Ahead of her performance at Sónar Barcelona next month, Slim shares a euphoric mix to usher in the summer months. ”I was feeling super excited, because it’s a selection of songs that I like a lot and leave me with this feeling of euphoria,“ she says. Listen below.

How’s your spring going? Any highlights?

Slim Soledad: My spring has been perfect in Europe. I mean I made this trip to LATAM which is winter there, but I’d say my LATAM winter highlights are the Time Warp Festival in São Paulo and the Hiedrah Party in Buenos Aires.

Congrats on your debut EP! What are some of the main inspirations?

Slim Soledad: Thank you very much! The inspiration for the EP is outer space, in a context where I think it would be one of the journeys I’d like to make in the not so distant future. Thinking about it in terms of sound, I would say that Drexcya is one of the inspirations, as well as the soundtrack of some games like Sonic or Super Mario.

What would you say are some of your most formative musical experiences?

Slim Soledad: Musically, I’d say it was my first Boiler Room at Primavera Sound, because I had the opportunity to see/observe it from the outside for the first time and I think this analysis/experience gave me a lot of insights into what I’ve been doing.

What do you like most about the club? What sort of vibe are you after?

Slim Soledad: What I like most about the club is that it’s a place where people allow themselves to live and have experiences, because they feel comfortable enough to let loose. I think the whole atmosphere itself, together with the music, brings that part of the club that I love. I feel that the magic happens from these little combinations. I always try to be comfortable and surrounded by people who make me feel safe and have the most fun with my friends and the music.

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given?

Slim Soledad: That was when some people told me that I should invest only in performance and not focus on the other things I was doing, like music or my collective. And I feel, if I had listened to those people I wouldn’t have got to where I am today, building my career.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Slim Soledad: I’ve been listening to a lot of Lous and the Yakuza and Eartheater, which is very different from the vibe of my DJ sets. Actually that’s a curious fact about me, because I usually listen to music with a totally different vibe to what I play.

Tell us about your Dazed mix.

Slim Soledad: Well, my mix is nothing more than these eclectic ways, I’d say ‘tough’ vibe about the rhythms that dominate my sets, which have a lot of references to techno, funk, pop rock and guaracha, as well as a few tracks from my EP.

How were you feeling when making it? 

Slim Soledad: Putting also my tracks in my mixes always makes my heart melt, I think because I connect so much with the songs I’ve produced myself. I was certainly feeling satisfied with the path I had built to arrive at this final result.


1. Alexander Johansson/ Mattias Fridell – “Hicka”
2. Sigvard – “Infinite”
3. ID LIBRA, RKills, Clementaum – “TREM BALA”
4. DJ TRACKSÜIT – “Stab 86”
5. WOST – “Eu vício rápido”
6. OLLIE LISHMAN – “Stylin”
8. Slim Soledad – “Transmission”
9. Gadutra – “Q ISSO POHA”
10. Mac Declos – “Itrepid X”
11. WILDERÍCH – “Blanco”
12. Dj babatr – “In the groove”
13. Ludacris – “What’s your Fantasy (Shame Rave Remix)”
14. Slim Soledad – “Diciendo adiós”
15. Decibel place – “Tuktuk”
16. Sykors – “Toma sequência de rock n roll completo 140”
17. VAI – “Relationships Sink”
19. Playa tool – “Untitled”
20. Mainline Magic Orchestra – “Work”
21. Sevdaliza, Nadson o Ferinha, Burial – “Ride or Die PT.2”

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