It looks like there’s still a voracious appetite for the Despicable Me universe, as the fourth installment, aptly named Despicable Me 4, made $122.6m in the five days since its release. This earned the film the number one spot at the box office, and—in light of its $100m budget—means it will likely turn a tidy profit. Variety reports that $75 million of its ticket sales were raked in over the holiday weekend. In the film, which features the voice of Steve Carell as lovable supervillain Gru, the family has grown, and baby Gru Jr. has joined the fold. The animated sequel Inside Out 2 earned second place, and A Quiet Place: Day One came in third. The films made $30m and $21m this weekend, respectively. Also hitting theaters, and the fourth spot, was MaXXXine, the third film in a horror trilogy directed by Ti West. MaXXXine, released July 5, made a modest $6.7m at the box office.

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