Surfacing is the brand new EP by New Zealand metal band Devilskin. I often feel like EP’s get overlooked because they’re not full albums, but this is one that you shouldn’t skip past. Starting with the heavy but catchy “The Whale Song”, Devilskin makes a great impression. The song has a great melody but is heavy enough to satisfy the metalheads as well. Following the opener the band presents two really good cover songs with the band’s take on Dio’s “Holy Diver” and Heart’s “Barracuda”. Both are metaled-up versions of the originals and the band does a good job here with singer Jennie Skulander doing her take on songs by two of rock’s most renowned singers. While some would call it gamble, doing these covers, she does a great job showing her range and abilities with the band bringing fiery versions of both songs. “Let Me Breathe” starts off with an incredibly crushing bass line which morphs into a great rocking song that builds with intensity. “Insects” is another solid rocker that shows some more modern metal flares in sound and style, but perhaps the strongest song on “Surfacing”, both lyrically and musically is the closing number called “Unborn”. Regardless of how you feel about the subject matter of the song politically or otherwise, the song presents its message in a powerfully emotional way that’s often missing in many of the songs you hear these days. Fans of Lzzy Hale and Halestorm should absolutely check out Devilskin as the powerful vocals are similar and the band does a great song riding the line between a classic and modern metal sound throughout.

  1. Surfacing Tracklistings:
  2. 01. The Whale Song
  3. 02. Holy Diver
  4. 03. Barracuda
  5. 04. Let Me Breathe
  6. 05. Insects
  7. 06. Unborn


Jennie Skulander – Vocals

Nail – Guitar

Paul Martin – Bass

Nic Martin – Drums

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