LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Over the decades, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has cemented its place in nightclubs around the world, but it has also grown in popularity across the broader musical landscape. The artform has evolved, and the appeal goes beyond the pulsating beats.

The hypnotic basslines of House, a subgenre of EDM, emerged in the early 1990s. Antonio Pelayo, an events producer and founder of House Issues, is committed to keep it thriving.

“I see House Music like a form of therapy. If I put some House Music, it just uplifts my spirit,” said Pelayo. “House Music, it’s still popular. It’s a testament of how timeless it is.”

DJ Irene, an electronic music artist and DJ who became popular in the Los Angeles area at legendary clubs like the defunct Arena Nightclub, attributes the genre’s staying power to the environment the music nurtures.

“It’s all about community, and a safe environment,” said DJ Irene. “It can take you to a world of your own. It puts you in a peaceful place.”

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