• Thelma The Unicorn features original songs by Brittany Howard that capture the film’s themes and propel the plot forward.
  • The movie offers a mix of recognizable pop hits and inventive original songs to enhance the viewing experience.
  • Each character in the film gets their own musical number, adding depth to the story and showcasing the talents of the cast.

Thelma The Unicorn features several original songs by Brittany Howard and other artists alongside a range of recognizable pop hits. The Netflix animated movie follows Thelma, a pony who wishes to be a successful singer but doesn’t have the looks and glamor for it. When she gets a makeover by chance one day, she shoots up to fame, but then has to reckon with the cost of it. Thelma The Unicorn has an incredible soundtrack filled with inventive original songs that depict the film’s key themes and advance the plot.

The film was directed by Jared Hess and Lynn Wang, and written by Jared and Jerusha Hess based on a book series by Aaron Blabey. Thelma The Unicorn‘s cast features singer and songwriter Brittany Howard in her first voice-acting role as Thelma herself, alongside Will Forte as Otis and Jemaine Clement as the villainous, materialistic manager, Vic Diamond. Many characters get their own musical numbers, with most of the original songs being by Howard herself. The comedian Jemaine Clement, for instance, gets a solo “3 C’s To Success”, which he infuses with excellent style and personality.



“Are You Gonna Go My Way”

Lenny Kravitz

“Hold On I’m Coming”

Samuel David Moore & Dave Prater

“Blubber Trouble”

Baraka May


Gloria Estefan

“Fire Inside”

Brittany Howard

“Pool Boys”

Pool Boys

“Diamond Girl”

Nice & Wild


Brittany Howard

“Shake Your Pants”


“Dance Across the Floor” (Disco Mix)

Jimmy “Bo” Horne

“Hollywood Swinging”

Kool & The Gang


Brittany Howard

“3 C’s To Success”

Jemaine Clement

“Here Comes The Cud”

Fred Armisen & Brittany Howard

“Bodyshakin'” (Extended Mix)


“Only Unicorn”

Brittany Howard

“Jump Into the Fire”

Harry Nilsson

“Just As You Are”

Brittany Howard


Brittany Howard


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When Every Song On The Thelma The Unicorn Soundtrack Plays In The Movie

There Are Nearly 20 Songs in The 93-Minute Film

“Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Lenny Kravitz: This is the first song that plays in the film, when Thelma is performing with her band, The Rusty Buckets, which comprises her best friend Otis playing the guitar, Reggie playing drums, and her as the lead vocalist. At first, they appear to be performing for a large audience, but by the end, it is revealed that this audience is imagined and the three are merely preparing for an audition.

“Hold On I’m Coming” by Samuel David Moore & Dave Prater: The beginning instrumentals of this song play as the film’s title, Thelma The Unicorn, appears on-screen. The lyrics then begin briefly before fading out as Thelma’s life on the farm is introduced, and she talks to Bob the bull, Bessie the cow, and Otis the donkey. The song continues to play in the background for a couple of minutes, as Thelma and Otis walk together in the farm and discuss the audition.

“Blubber Trouble” by Baraka May: This song is sung by the character Nikki Narwhal, a whale, on TV along with her music video. It is the first original song of the Thelma The Unicorn soundtrack to play in the film. Thelma watches her in amazement and a bit of envy, while Otis calls Nikki a sellout as her song continues to play in the background.

“Conga” by Gloria Estefan: This is the first song in the SparklePalooza talent search, and is performed by the Rhinestone Fillies. The band does a great job and receive cheers from the crowd and judges.

“Fire Inside” by Brittany Howard: The Rusty Buckets perform this song for an enthusiastic group of people who circle around the farm just after Thelma’s “transformation” into a unicorn. It is the second original song of Thelma The Unicorn‘s soundtrack, and signals a false sense of hope for Thelma’s musical career: it is filled with positivity and joy because people are interested in listening to her sing, but it is based on a lie that she is a unicorn, which she is not.

“Pool Boys” by Pool Boys: This song plays when the scene cuts to Nikki’s house and swimming pool, where her Pool Boys are hanging out and having a good time. The song is abruptly interrupted when Nikki’s assistant, Megan, tells them to stop frolicking and wasting time.

“Diamond Girl” by Nice & Wild: This serves as the introduction song for a new character, Vic, Nikki’s manager. One of the Pool Boys plays it on the stereo after he enters from the balcony and says “Hey Nikki, what a morning!” He then strips down to his underwear and jumps into the pool, before getting out and wearing fresh clothes. This song introduces Vic as a devious, over-the-top character: a pot-bellied man with a long nose and protruding teeth. The lyrics suggest that Nikki is his “diamond girl”, meaning that he makes a lot of money through her.

“Hurricane” by Brittany Howard: Peggy Pervis, a famous music producer, gives The Rusty Buckets the opportunity to record an album in her studio, Rawhide Recording Studios. This is the first song the band performs for her, and it’s another original from the film’s soundtrack. It begins with the band performing it, but then continues over a montage of Thelma training, practicing, and recording with Peggy. The song is about aspiration and achieving your dreams, capturing the sense that Thelma’s ambitions may be attainable for her.

“Shake Your Pants” by Cameo: The hopeful and upbeat “Hurricane” montage is rudely interrupted by a call from Vic, and this song plays while Vic slurps a drink, puts his feet up on the table, and says he has “great news” for Peggy. The song continues to play in the background where Vic is, as he offers The Rusty Buckets the opportunity to open for Nikki’s concert that afternoon.

“Dance Across the Floor” (Disco Mix) by Jimmy “Bo” Horne: As soon as Thelma gladly accepts the offer, the movie cuts to this song, as The Rusty Buckets and Peggy stand on the tarmac awaiting Vic to arrive in Nikki’s private jet. The song keeps playing as Vic steps out of the shiny gold and bright pink jet and welcomes them.


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“Hollywood Swinging” by Kool & The Gang: This song plays immediately after the previous one fades out, as The Rusty Buckets, Peggy, and Vic ride in the private jet and get off, as The Pool Boys keep dancing. It signals the luxury and glitzy glamor of the music industry and the fame and opulence that Thelma aspires to. The song continues as the band is separated into two different limousines and Vic sabotages the vehicle bringing the rest of the team, trying to keep Thelma for himself.

“Big” by Brittany Howard: Thelma sings this original song of Thelma The Unicorn when she performs as the opening act for Nikki’s concert. Due to Vic’s manipulation, Otis and Reggie are excluded and Thelma is performing solo to an excited crowd, as he uses gimmicky bright lighting and fireworks to build Thelma’s image as a star. The song continues to play as Reggie, Otis, and Peggy arrive late and are stopped by the bouncer. This song signals Thelma’s entry into fame, as she is now Vic’s new diamond, and he abandons Nikki altogether.

“3 C’s To Success” by Jemaine Clement: Vic sings this original song to Thelma as he teaches her the three keys to success: change, cologne, and partnership, although that doesn’t even begin with a C. This song also includes a backstory that narrates the origins of Vic, as he explains to Thelma his clinical, manipulative, and artificial approach to constructing stardom.

“Here Comes The Cud” by Fred Armisen & Brittany Howard: This hip-hop song is the product of an AI device known as Bridget which uses an algorithm to generate lyrics and music that has the highest chance of success. The Thelma The Unicorn original song plays with a corresponding music video featuring Thelma and the influencer, Danny Stallion. It’s a satire on modern influencer culture and how many latest hit songs sound indistinguishable from each other. The film cuts to Otis and Peggy watching the music video with horror, the song topping the charts, and Thelma’s brand products selling out.

“Bodyshakin'” (Extended Mix) by 911: This song plays after a bitter, resentful Nikki watches Thelma on TV and instructs Megan to do something to bring Thelma down. It plays over Thelma and Danny signing autographs at an event, while Megan has hired a team of people to “push that unicorn to her breaking point” (whatever that means). The song fades out as Reggie, Otis, and their new bandmate meet Thelma.

“Only Unicorn” by Brittany Howard: This Thelma The Unicorn original song marks a tonal and narrative shift in the film. As it keeps playing, Megan’s hired crew begin throwing eggs at Thelma and attacking her, Thelma gets back to her bedroom and looks through her messy book of songs. The mood is melancholic and brooding, as Thelma yearns for simpler times when she was part of The Rusty Buckets family. The song brings out her loneliness and the emptiness of this new-found fame. When it ends, she is about to call Otis but receives a call from Vic.

“Jump Into the Fire” by Harry Nilsson: As the film nears its climax, this song plays while Peggy battles the security team at the SparklePalooza event and successfully outmaneuvers all of them to let The Rusty Buckets (now reunited) break into the event and perform. It brings out the excitement and tension of the moment, paving the way for a thrilling climax and an emotional payoff.

“Just As You Are” by Brittany Howard: The Rusty Buckets performs this song at the SparklePalooza event, with Thelma singing as herself after she wipes off the pink color and reveals who she is to the large audience. It represents her embracing her real self, being at peace with it, and pushing others towards self-acceptance as well. The narrative arc of Thelma The Unicorn comes together during this song, as Thelma gets what she wants –– playing at the SparklePalooza event –– and what she needs: accepting herself and being true to who she is.

“Goldmine” by Brittany Howard: This is the last song in Thelma The Unicorn, and plays during the end credits of the film, where colorful animation portrays the key characters. It is also the final song from the original soundtrack and echoes the film’s theme of self-belief and personal integrity.


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Where To Listen To The Thelma The Unicorn Soundtrack

Spotify And Apple Music Offer The Soundtrack In Its Entirety

Thelma looking confused in the Thelma the Unicorn trailer.

The Thelma The Unicorn movie soundtrack, Thelma The Unicorn (Soundtrack from the Netflix Film), is available to stream or purchase on major music platforms, like Spotify and Apple Music. All 19 songs on the Thelma The Unicorn soundtrack can be found through these platforms, allowing fans of the movie to listen to their favorites on repeat, be it “Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Lenny Kravitz, “Here Comes The Cud” by Fred Armisen & Brittany Howard, or “Just As You Are” by Brittany Howard. The other songs featured in Thelma The Unicorn are also available on major music platforms.

Thelma the Unicorn

is now streaming on Netflix.

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