• Bodkin, a Netflix series produced by the Obamas, uncovers a hidden scandal in an Irish town with a mix of comedy and drama.
  • The talented cast of Bodkin, filmed entirely in Ireland, delivers a thrilling mystery filled with twists and turns.
  • The series’ soundtrack, featuring a blend of country, Irish, and rock music, effectively sets the tone for the gripping storyline.

The Bodkin soundtrack features several well known songs by reputed artists across genres. Over the course of seven episodes, available exclusively on Netflix, the series unpacks a hidden scandal in a small town in Ireland. Gilbert (Will Forte) initially comes to Ireland to create a lighthearted podcast about a traditional festival. However, with Dove’s (Siobhán Cullen) keen investigative skills and the support of his ambitious assistant Emmy (Robyn Cara), he stumbles upon the true-crime story of a lifetime. As it turns out, the town is hiding a much darker secret.

Bodkin boasts a talented cast featuring many actors with Irish heritage. It was also filmed entirely in Ireland, primarily in the counties of Cork, Wicklow, and Dublin. Produced by Barack and Michelle Obama, the Netflix limited series presents a complex mystery filled with unexpected twists and wild plot developments, culminating in a thrilling conclusion. Bodkin has received positive reviews, praising its effective interlacing of comedy and drama, intriguing characters, and gripping screenplay. Its soundtrack seamlessly mirrors the series’ tone and brings out the mood, with a blend of country, Irish, and rock music.

Song Title


Episode Number

“Vampire Empire”

Big Thief


“Unfollow Hate”

Killa Fonic


“Knock on Wood”

Amii Stewart





“More is Less”

The Murder Capital



Biig Piig


“(I’m A) Ramblin’ Man”

Waylon Jennings


“It’s All Your Fault”

Bobby Lee Trammell


“Oh No”

Biig Piig


“Time After Time”

Cyndi Lauper





“Another Round”

The Scratch


“Blue Suede Shoes”

Party All Night


“Suspicious Minds”

Find Young Cannibals


“Without Me”

Ezra Williams


“I Want To Know What Love Is”



“You Were Always On My Mind”

Willie Nelson


“I Can Talk”

Two Door Cinema Club


“Le belle 7”

Franco Tonani


“Burning Love”

The Computers


“Gone For Good”



“Don’t Cling To Life”

The Murder Capital


“The Parting Glass”

Cara Dillon


“Old Note”

Lisa O’Neill



Bodkin Ending Explained

The ending of Bodkin arrives at a wild and explosive conclusion after Will Forte’s Gilbert and Siobhán Cullen’s Dove discover the truth about Fiona.

Bodkin Episode 1 Songs

“One True Mystery”

“Vampire Empire” by Big Thief – This song plays during the end credits of Bodkin episode 1 just after Dove first sees a wolf and tells it to “f*ck off“.

Bodkin Episode 2 Songs

“Who We Are”

Teddy standing in his workshop in Bodkin (2024)

“Unfollow Hate” by Killa Fonic – This song plays when the trio, Gilbert, Emmy, and Dove, get in a car with Sean to find Teddy. It plays diegetically from the car stereo and stops just before they get out of the car.

“Knock on Wood” by Amii Stewart – This song plays when Emmy and Dove hitch a ride with a strange man, who asks them if they like to party. When they say yes, he turns on disco lights in his tiny vehicle and plays this song.

“H.O.O.D” by Kneecap – This punk rock song plays when Gilbert is at a pub.

“More is Less” by The Murder Capital – This song also plays during the same scene when Gilbert is at a pub and he’s about to be asked to pay 8,000 Euros he owes in debt.

“Lavender” by Biig Piig This song plays during the end credits of Bodkin episode 2 after the trio see Darragh’s dead body and Gilbert realizes that there’s one question he never thought to ask: “What if this cold case isn’t really cold?

Bodkin Episode 3 Songs

“Perfectly Innocent Life”

Pauline McLynn in Bodkin (2024)

“(I’m A) Ramblin’ Man” by Waylon Jennings – This song plays during Darragh’s funeral while Seamus looks at Darragh’s dead body. The song continues to play when Gilbert approaches Seamus and they have a brief conversation.

“It’s All Your Fault” by Bobby Lee Trammell – This song plays throughout a scene at a house party after Darragh’s funeral, but it is barely audible in the background.

“Oh No” by Biig Piig – This song plays when Emmy is having dinner at Fintan’s house. It creates a romantic vibe between them.

“H.O.O.D” by Kneecap – This song, which played diegetically in the background during the previous episode, plays non-diegetically in full volume during the end credits of Bodkin episode 3 after the trio discover yet another dead body in the trunk of a submerged car.

Bodkin Episode 4 Songs

“Poison or Something”

“Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper – Seamus plays this song on his car stereo to cheer Gilbert up and dance with him. As the song plays, Seamus asks Gilbert for a favor: to not mention him in the podcast, in exchange for taking care of Gilbert’s debt.

“Zeu” by Spike – This Romanian song plays as Sean is listening to it while sitting in a stationary car with Emmy and Dove. It plays again a little later when Sean drives off and leaves them alone.

“Another Round” by The Scratch – This song plays during the end credits of Bodkin episode 4 just after Seamus tells Gilbert that the dead body they are looking at cannot be Fiona’s.

Bodkin Episode 5 Songs

“Peace in Our Time”

Will Forte as Gilbert in Bodkin

“Blue Suede Shoes” by Party All Night – This song plays after Gilbert asks Seamus where they are going while they’re driving in a car, and Seamus says “We’re off to see the King.” It starts playing as the scene cuts to the Graceland Diner, where the two are headed.

“Suspicious Minds” by Fine Young Cannibals – This song plays from the car stereo while Gilbert and Seamus are driving back to Bodkin.

“Without Me” by Ezra Williams – This song plays in the background when Dove is hanging out with Mary and gets a call.

“I Want To Know What Love Is” by Foreigner – Frank is singing this song off-key in a karaoke bar, while Mary and Dove are drinking together.

“You Were Always On My Mind” by Willie Nelson – The instrumental version of this song plays while Dove tries to sing it at the karaoke bar. She initially struggles as that wasn’t the song she chose, but then she goes on to sing it really well.

“I Can Talk” by Two Door Cinema Club – This song plays in the background immediately after Dove sings at the Karaoke bar and while she kisses Mary.

“Le belle 7” by Franco Tonani – This song plays when Emmy and Fintan are driving in a car together from the bar at night.

“Burning Love” by The Computers – This song plays during the end credits of Bodkin episode 5.

Bodkin Episode 6 Songs

“Ends Justify Means”

Seamus in Bodkin-1

“Gone For Good” by GA-20 – This song plays in the background at a bar while Seamus and Sean are striking a deal with a group of men.

“Don’t Cling To Life” by The Murder Capital – This song plays during the end credits of Bodkin episode 6.


Every Character Who Died In Bodkin (& How They Were Killed)

Several character deaths in the Netflix crime series Bodkin all weave together to reveal a massive cover up in a remote coastal village in Ireland.

Bodkin Episode 7 Songs

“Empty Your Pockets”

Will Forte, Siobhan Cullen, and Robyn Cara stand in a field in Netflix's Bodkin show

“The Parting Glass” by Cara Dillon – Teddy sings this song at a karaoke concert towards the end of the episode.

“Old Note” by Lisa O’Neill – This song plays during the end credits of Bodkin episode 6, marking the end of the Netflix limited series.

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