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Frente Abierto, a collective of musicians from southern Spain, mix the experimental sounds of Raúl Cantizano, Carlos Pérez, David Cordero, Marco Serrato, and Borja Díaz with the flamenco voices of Israel Fernández and Lela Soto. They unveiled their first captivating track, “Parece que te estoy viendo (Soleá)” recently, accompanied by a live-recorded video captured during rehearsals for their performance at La Almazara’s Antioxidante series in Bullas.

Led by Marco Serrato, Frente Abierto include Andalusian musicians who mix Orthodox’s metal pulse, Altair’s rhyths, David Cordero’s ambient tones, and Raúl Cantizano’s Spanish guitar skill, serving as a bridge to flamenco music. Their fusion of experimental sounds with the potent voices of contemporary flamenco, such as Israel Fernández, and the genuine lineage of Lela Soto from the Sordera family, creates a trailblazing sound interpreted through a flamenco lens, embracing various flamenco styles with knowledge and respect. This novel fusion proposal oscillates between the forceful and the subtle, embodying both pure flamenco and dark rock, traditional yet modern.

Following its intimate debut at the Antioxidante series, Frente Abierto recorded their video live at La Almazara in Bullas during pre-performance rehearsals, and directed by Fernando Cienfuegos (2041) and Adrián Cecilio.

Frente Abierto features Raúl Cantizano (flamenco guitar), Carlos Pérez (electric guitar), David Cordero (electronics), Marco Serrato (double bass), and Borja Díaz (drums).

Israel Fernández, Lela Soto, and Frente Abierto will officially debut on Thursday, August 22, 2024, as part of the CanelaParty festival lineup in Torremolinos.

Beforehand, in June, the project will head to La Mina Estudios with Raúl Pérez to shape their debut album, marking an exciting milestone for this captivating endeavor.

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