The National Football League lost their court antitrust court case in regards to NFL Sunday Ticket on Thursday afternoon with over $14 billion in damages needing to be repaid. That would leave the Seattle Seahawks with a bill of nearly $450 million to pay.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, who was a practicing lawyer befoer covering the NFL on a full-time basis, has been all over this story from the start. He reported that each of the 32 NFL teams would split the bill evenly. That is if it ever comes to that. The NFL will be appealing and the case could likely go up to the supreme court.

Now, most NFL teams can afford the money and the Seahawks are not exception, but their ownership situation makes things more difficult. After owner Paul Allen passed away, ownership of the team passed onto his sister Jody Allen. She does have a mandate to sell the team and donate the proceeds of the sale to the charitable causes he supported.

That sale, however, doesn’t seem to be imminent, which could be a complicating factor. With the Sunday Ticket trial likely to go on for years, the payment will continue to be pushed back as well. Could that end up causing issues with the future sale in Seattle? Will a new owner, who will have just spent upward of $7 billion on the franchise, also want to pay a $450 million fine for infractions they had no part in?

None of this is imminent, but when you run a business, it’s necessary to consider all factors and have a plan for them. This will be something to monitor long-term for the Seahawks, as it’s more complicated for them than any other franchise.

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