Imran Abbas most followed celebrity on Instagram


The actor has showcased his powerful acting skills in many blockbuster drama serials

(Web Desk) – The handsome and young Pakistani actor, singer, model, and TV host Imran Abbas has become the most followed actor in Pakistan.

Beloved by Pakistani drama fans, Imran Abbas has showcased his powerful acting skills in numerous blockbuster drama serials, including “Khuda Aur Mohabbat,” “Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai,” and “Mera Naam Yousaf Hai.”

Moreover, Abbas has appeared in many of Bollywood movies. Notable projects inculde, “Creature 3D“, “Ae Dil Hai Muskil“, “ Jaanisaar” and his most recent project, “Jee Vee Sohneya Jee“.

41-year-old Imran Abbas has often topped the list of Asia’s most handsome men due to his charming personality and unique facial features.

The actor remains unmarried and has no plans for marriage in the foreseeable future.

Imran Abbas’ Instagram account has reached 9 million followers, with the number increasing steadily day by day.

If you take a glance at Imran Abbas’ Instagram account, you’ll see that he has shared 3,064 posts with his fans so far.

Imran Abbas has 9 million followers, while he himself follows only 260 accounts on Instagram.

On the other hand, Pakistani actress Hania Amir holds the honor of being the most followed person among Pakistani actors.


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