JOHN CXNNOR just dropped a fresh single called “ShadowWalker,” featuring the super talented Mai Soon Young Øvlisen from the band MEEJAH.  “ShadowWalker” was originally written and produced for a special project called “All My Future’s Past.” This project was a collab between JOHN CXNNOR and various guest vocalists, performed at the ROADBURN FESTIVAL 2023.

Fast forward a year, and they’ve decided to release “ShadowWalker” as a single.

 John Cxnnor  John Cxnnor

The track’s got vocals and lyrics by Mai Soon Young Øvlisen, while the music, production, and artwork are handled by Ketil G. Sejersen and Rasmus G. Sejersen over at Gravitated Sound Studio.

 John Cxnnor  John Cxnnor

JOHN CXNNOR is an industrial noise collective from Denmark, blending electronic beats with guest vocalists. Their vibe is heavily inspired by the Terminator franchise and other iconic movies from that era. The duo, Ketil and Rasmus G. Sejersen, are also part of the post-apocalyptic metal group LLNN, signed to Pelagic Records.

Their music is a wild mix of techno, hardcore metal, trip-hop, and sci-fi movie scores. They even incorporate self-produced sound recordings of crushed metal scraps, industrial saws, and trashed instruments. It’s like a symphony of chaos, and we’re here for it.

New John CxnnorNew John Cxnnor

Mai Soon Young Øvlisen is part of the Danish-Korean band MEEJAH, which recently killed it with a KEXP Live Session. Her vocals on “ShadowWalker” were recorded with the Sejersen brothers at BlipBlop Studio in Roskilde. She also joined JOHN CXNNOR at Roadburn 2023 for the opening of the Main Stage, performing in the commissioned project “All My Future’s Past.”

 John Cxnnor  John Cxnnor

JOHN CXNNOR is heading down under for their first gig in Australia while touring with LLNN. Catch them on June 10 at The Old Bar in Melbourne. On June 21, they’ll be tearing up the stage at Copenhell in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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