Jennifer Lopez is one of the biggest stars in the world. She’s a red carpet fixture, she never stops working, and she is beloved by millions…and by the tabloids, who continue to make money off of her love life, which may or may not be in trouble. While it might seem like she’s in a position to be successful with anything she does, not everything is going well. In fact, it appears that her music career is in real trouble.

On Friday (May 31), Lopez officially canceled her upcoming tour. The singer posted a statement online saying that pulling the plug on her upcoming trek made her feel “heartsick” and “devastated.” Live Nation gave a more specific reason, claiming that “Jennifer is taking time off to be with her children, family, and close friends.”

These comments may both be true, but they don’t appear to be the real reason why she canceled the tour. Several media outlets reported that based on Ticketmaster’s venue maps, there were quite a few dates that were selling extremely poorly. If Lopez were to embark on the tour, she’d have been playing to predominantly empty rooms in some cities.

It’s been known for some time that ticket sales were not going well for the trek, which also experienced a big change after it was announced. The venture was initially meant to promote Lopez’s most recent album, but weeks after passes went on sale, the name was changed. Instead of focusing on the new music, the singer’s team redirected and made it all about her greatest hits. That alteration didn’t make an impact, and now the tour is no more.

The cancellation of her tour marks the second major ding of Lopez’s music career in 2024 alone. The singer returned a few months ago with her first new album in a decade, This Is Me… Now. While it was highly-anticipated, the title underperformed.

This Is Me… Now debuted at No. 38 on the Billboard 200, marking her lowest start by far. It only spent a very short time on the tally before vanishing entirely. The set also failed to produce any hits on the Hot 100, and only a momentary win on one or two of Billboard’s radio lists.

Lopez invested heavily in this chapter of her career. In addition to recording an album, promoting it, and planning a tour, she also released two movies around the music. A full-length feature and a documentary both premiered on Amazon Prime, but while they were initially talked about, neither earned much praise, and the conversation has moved on.

For several years, Lopez was a real hitmaker, and she was a powerful force in the music world. Sadly, she hasn’t scored a smash in a long time, and most of the songs she’s dropped in the past decade have underperformed…if they were noticed at all.

Lopez is not the first musician to fall from the top, and she won’t be the last. Her music career isn’t over, at least not if she doesn’t want it to be. She still has a fan base who loves her, and she could put out more music and play live, though it’s clear that she probably won’t be able to hit the same highs. Lopez is used to being on top and making a big splash, so now it’s up to her to decide if she wants to continue down this creative road if she can’t work in the same way she used to.

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