Joey Swoll is back in full force after a recent health scare and has maintained his position as the flag bearer for proper gym etiquette by getting one unsociable gym goer banned from a branch of 24 Hour Fitness it has been revealed.

“Yesterday, I was sent a horrible video of a man filming a woman in the gym to make fun of her size,” explained his Swollenness in an Instagram post on June 27, 2024. Of course, mocking someone who is working hard to improve themselves, no matter their starting size or shape is a clear violation of the gym brother and sisterhood. Gyms should be an inclusive and positive space and are not reserved for those that think themselves superior to others. Fortunately, Swoll did the right thing with the video. “I immediately sent it to 24 Hour Fitness. One day later the video has been removed and his membership has been revoked,” said Swoll. The IG post shows the swift communication between our man and 24 Hour Fitness, a gym chain that has been established for more than 35 years and boasts more than 300 branches.

Joey Swoll gets an unsociable gym member banned from 24 Hour Fitness

“One day later the video has been removed and his membership has been revoked,” shared Swoll. “Being ‘skinnier’ or in better shape than someone does NOT make you better than them or mean you can treat them that way,” he continued, justifying his more than justified actions. Gyms around the world are more vigilant than ever as relates to the behavour expected of their members, a need that has largely arisen because of the growth of video recording in fitness spaces. “Thank you @24hour fitness for doing the right thing,” concluded Swoll, whose actions in this case have generated a great deal of support.

“As a plus size girl myself, I always worry that something like this will happen to me,” wrote one follower. “My heart breaks for that poor woman, she’s trying her best to be the best version of herself, and some insecure loser has to come out and blast her. She’s probably far more inspiring and motivating to see in the gym than this idiot. I’m glad 24 hour revoked his membership.”

The sentiment was echoed by plenty of other followers, including a user who said: “The gym is where people go to better their bodies and minds. I can’t imagine trashing someone who’s in the gym with me trying to improve themselves. I’ve absolutely been the guy who was very out of shape and nervous to go to the gym out of embarrassment. Thankfully, my experience is that the gym is full of really positive supporting people, and jerks are the rarity. Here’s to all the people who are positive and supporting when they see someone starting their health journey. You might not realize the impact you can have on someone deciding to stick with it.” Another follower wrote: “How are they going to mock someone for going to the gym. What are they supposed to do? Not go?”

Fortunately, those who wish to spread positivity in gyms far outweigh those that seek to appease their own insecurities by mocking others, and those that step out of line will be weeded out, meaning you can keep being you and making progress. So, keep doing you!

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