NEXZ is a new Japanese boy band launched by JYP Entertainment who are gearing up for their much-anticipated debut. The teaser for their upcoming track Ride the Vibe has been released which serves as the main song from their first single album with the same name. The group will be the company’s next project to take its future vision forward with new concepts and music.

NEXZ releases music video teaser for upcoming music video Ride the Vibe 

On May 16, 2024, the music video teaser for the upcoming track Ride the Vibe was released, creating anticipation among the fans. The teaser starts with the members going on and about to seize another day but suddenly chaos ensues. The group gets separated when police officers are deployed to control a mob situation. With loud sirens in the background, scenes of violence involving gunshots are also included, suggesting a deeper storyline in the music video. 

Previously, the group also released the music video teaser for the B-side track Starlight from the upcoming album. The record, along with the music videos for both songs, will be released on May 20, 2024. The group has been gearing up for their debut by releasing various concept photos and teasers leading to more excitement among fans. 


More about the new boy band NEXZ

The group was formed through Nizi Project Season 2, which is a Japanese survival music program organized by JYP Entertainment in collaboration with Sony Music Labels, Japan’s largest record label. J.Y. Park, the founder and producer of JYP Entertainment, was the judge of the program and selected seven contestants who would be debuting in the group. 

The group’s name is NEXZ, which is the short form of Next Z Generation, which represents the next phase for JYP Entertainment. The group’s members include Yu, Tamoya, Haru, So Geon, Seita, Hyui, and Yuki. As the K-pop industry enters a new era, the group will embody the company’s vision for the future of music. 

The new group will be following in the footsteps of TWICE and Stray Kids, one of JYP Entertainment’s globally successful groups, which has garnered commercial success both domestically and internationally. Known as one of the BIG 3 agencies of South Korea, some of the notable artists that took birth in the company are 2PM,  Boy Story, Itzy, Xdinary Heroes, Nmixx, and Vcha.

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