Conceived by the creative mind of the Valencian composer and producer Marc Martínez Nadal, best known in our world as AFFKT, Sincopat was initially created to showcase new artists’ sounds and personal projects. Over a decade later, Sincopat represents the power of innovation, eclecticism, and emotional depth in music in electronic dance music. This is our Label Of The Month. This is Sincopat.

Sincopat emerged as AFFKT’s vision for a platform that would not only showcase his own unique sound but also spotlight new artists who shared his passion for pushing musical boundaries. The name Sincopat, derived from the Valencian word for “syncopated,” symbolizes the label’s rhythmic and innovative spirit.

Early releases from artists like Darlyn Vlys, Piek, and Samuel Dan set the stage for what Sincopat would become—a label unafraid to experiment and break away from conventional norms. A significant milestone came with the release of AFFKT’s track ‘Once Upon A Time,’ remixed by John Talabot, which helped cement the label’s reputation in the electronic music community.

Since its inception, Sincopat has been on a trajectory of growth and evolution. The label’s sound is one that is hard to pin down, drawing from techno, indie dance, house, and electronica. This genre-defying approach is united by a common goal: to evoke deep emotions and create music that resonates on a profound level, often described as “giving you goosebumps.”

With over 121 releases in their core series to this date, Sincopat’s prolific output speaks to its dynamic and forward-thinking ethos. The label also launched a sublabel, BeenTouchedSeries, further expanding its musical horizons.

Sincopat’s roster includes a blend of emerging talents and established names, fostering a vibrant community of artists. Regular contributors like Darlyn Vlys, Upercent, and James Harcourt have become synonymous with the label’s eclectic sound. Additionally, releases from renowned figures such as Arbart and Dave Seaman have added to the label’s prestige and diversity.

AFFKT, the creative force behind Sincopat, is renowned for his eclectic and experimental approach to music. His background in music theory and piano from the conservatory in Valencia informs his production style, allowing him to blend various influences seamlessly. Known as the “Son of a Thousand Sounds,” AFFKT’s ability to fuse different genres has earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated following.

As Sincopat continues to mature, its commitment to fostering innovative and emotionally impactful music remains unwavering. Plans for future releases and showcases are already in motion, promising to bring the Sincopat sound to even more audiences worldwide. With a rich catalog and a clear vision for the future, Sincopat is poised to remain a trailblazer in the electronic music scene.

In a recent interview with Electronic Groove, AFFKT reflected on the journey of Sincopat. He emphasized the label’s mission to release music that is unique, timeless, and emotionally resonant. AFFKT highlighted the importance of maintaining artistic integrity while balancing the financial challenges of running a label. He also shared insights into the selection process for new submissions, stressing the importance of originality and soul in the music they choose to release.

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