Boasting a 100% female-fronted music festival, the Ladybug Music Festival will make its return on May 31st.

Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold are making their way down to the First State from Canada– specifically to the Queen in Wilmington.


Photo Credit: Ben James.

Band Members: Rose Cora Perry (Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter), Tyler Randall (Drums) & Jessie Taynton (Bass & Backing Vocals)

“We’re really honored to be considered the very first international band that they’ve ever had doing this event,” says Perry. “Last year, we heard about Ladybug Music Festival and loved the fact that it promotes women in all genres of music.”

The band also features Tyler Randall on drums and bassist and vocalist Jessie Taynton, with Perry leading on vocals.

Specific perks of the Ladybug Music festival that the band is attracted to include the ideologies of “celebrating sisterhood and creating this beautiful, really supportive community environment that was really all about promoting positivity around female artists and female musicians.”

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Perry says that while they write their own music, the band definitely has recognizable musical inspirations: “People hear a little bit of an 80’s sensibility in what we do, so I do get comparisons to Joan Jett and Pat Benatar.” 

Growing up in the 90’s at the peak of Silver Chair and Nirvana‘s indent on the malleable genre of rock, Perry says that yes; they made an impact on The Truth Untold’s style too.

The band’s lead singer expressed her excitement about starting the tour in Wilmington by teasing a surprise for the audience.

“We have the first of our three singles coming out on June 25 and we’re releasing a music video for that. People get to hear it in advance live if they come check out our set.”

Their music video for their latest single, “Not My Time” (2022) can be viewed here.

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The Queen will host Rose Cora Perry and Truth Untold at 7:20 p.m. in The Crown.

The Ladybug Music Festival began in 2012 as a block party, a twist on the state’s Firefly Festival by highlighting female musicians.

Locations to watch the festival in addition to the Crown at the Queen include Main Stage, 5th Street Stage, Willingtown Square, The Quoin Rooftop, Merchant Bar, Farmer & Cow, and Huxley & Hiro.

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