Movie Nights Being Planned for North Loop Arts Venue

June 26, 2024

Are you clueless about what happens inside the Luminary Arts Center? Well, perhaps the movie, Clueless, will be the attraction that finally gets you in the door.

On July 31st, the center will show that popular 90s film at its first Movie Night, to help fill the stands in between the plays, concerts and private events it hosts at 700 North 1st Street.

“There’s not necessarily a great local movie theater that’s within walking distance of the North Loop neighborhood,” said the Luminary’s rentals manager, Victoria Pollock, “so we want to give those folks something fun to do for an evening. Go see an old movie on a new screen in a cool space.”

They will serve popcorn, wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks. And if enough people show interest, they intend to follow up with more movie nights.

“We’re hoping to maybe do some cult classics and some of those older ones that wouldn’t necessarily see at the local theaters that are showing the new releases,” Pollock said.

The Luminary Arts Center is primarily a performance venue but it also hosts corporate events. The stage is currently set up for a Romeo and Juliet-themed play, Teatro del Pueblo.

“We do all kinds of art,” Pollock said. “We’ve done musicals, actual concerts, fundraising galas, private events. It’s just an open space for anyone to create whatever they want to.”

A giant screen will soon be in place, not only for showing movies but for corporate clients to use as well. The space seats up to 220 people and is owned and operated by the Minnesota Opera.

Ticket sales for Clueless will begin in mid to late July on the Luminary Arts Center’s website.

By Mike Binkley, North Loop volunteer

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