Nashville’s Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum is the current mecca, housing a collection of guitars that have plucked, strummed, and shredded their way through music history. Through a special exhibition running until May 18, fans can feast their eyes upon the legendary tools of the trade famously wielded by rock gods like John Lennon, Bob Dylan, and Prince. These strings of history, provided by Julien’s Auctions, feature in a pre-auction showcase that has the enthusiasts and collectors buzzing with excitement.

The museum’s temporary display, partnered with Julien’s Auctions, showcases an arsenal of instruments that, according to a WKRN report, includes the historic 1965 Fender Telecaster shared by Bob Dylan and Robbie Robertson.

And for those who long heard the tale of John Lennon’s lost guitar, Julien’s delivers John Lennon’s Framus 12-string Hootenanny acoustic guitar, as Darren Julien described the experience as having one of the best rock and roll music sales they’ve ever put together to WSMV.

Nashville’s Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum is no stranger to such high-profile exhibitions, as attested by Linda Chambers. Chambers highlighted their shared history in showcasing the “greatest artifacts in music history”. An exhibition of this prestige not only puts the spotlights back on Nashville’s contribution to music, but it also gifts its visitors a rare glimpse into the personal touchstones of their rock idols.

The auction house, ready for a final exhibition and auction in New York, is anticipated to draw significant attention from across the globe. Fans have a narrow window to see, up close, instruments like Randy Bachman’s “American Woman” 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, Steve Jones’ Sex Pistols 1974 Gibson Les Paul custom guitar, and Mark Knopfler’s 1987 Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman Guitar. According to an interview given by Darren Julien to the Musicians Hall of Fame, this event marks a rarity to have this many iconic guitars come to the marketplace at one time.

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