Mason Via - "Hey Don't Go" cover artwork. A photo of the artist walking outdoors carrying a guitar case.

Mason Via has rolled out his latest release, “Hey Don’t Go,” under Mountain Fever Records. This country Americana fusion track delves into the theme of evolving circumstances while cherishing steadfast love. Via’s solo debut in the Nashville music scene highlights his adeptness at mixing light-hearted melodies with profound storytelling, capturing the essence of growth.

In “Hey Don’t Go,” Via reflects on the transitional phases of life, likening them to the changing seasons. He acknowledges the inevitability of certain outcomes and the bittersweet nature of farewells. Maintaining a classic bluegrass style, the song juxtaposes upbeat rhythms with poignant lyrics.

The ensemble behind the track includes Mason Via on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, with harmonies by Barton Davies and Oliver Craven; Joshua Quimby on harmony vocal and resonator guitar; Cory Walker on banjo; James Kee on mandolin; Mark Raddabaugh on drums; Geoff Saunders on bass; Griffin McMahon on Rhodes piano and keyboards; llyla Portnov on harmonica; Neil Jones on pedal steel; Nate Leath on fiddle; and Charlie Chamberlain on electric guitar.

The song was co-written by Barton Davies of Boy Named Banjo, and features Joshua Quimby and Nate Leath.

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