Forget teenage angst, Vincent Do was living the teenage rave dream! From yacht parties to mind-blowing raves, Do has spent years across the Southwest igniting dance floors and fostering a vibrant community of audiophiles – people who don’t just dance, they feel the music.

Audio Bar

Las Vegas, a city that thrives on pushing boundaries, has been Do’s playground for over a decade. Yet, amidst the dazzling lights and electrifying experiences, Do sees a glaring omission: a dedicated party bar for the EDM faithful. He envisions a space where the bass throbs, the lasers ignite the night, and conversations pulsate with the same energy as the music. This, Do declares, is the missing link in Vegas’ vibrant nightlife scene.

Vincent Do

Do, the enigmatic mastermind behind Audio Bar, promises an experience beyond the ordinary. Walls adorned with autographed memorabilia, signed by the very DJs and artists who ignite the scene – a testament to the passion that fuels this space. But the intrigue doesn’t stop there. Imagine a rotating gallery, a kaleidoscope of memories curated by event photographers and stagehands – the silent heroes who orchestrate the magic.

The dedication to detail extends even to the most unexpected corners. Rumors swirl that the very bathrooms will pay homage to iconic events like Coachella and Burning Man. Is it a portal to another dimension?

Vincent’s Notes

“Audio Bar is what we call a high-energy party bar,” “It’s a party where the energy inside will permeate to outside.” People can dress casually, he says, which is an important element for cities that still reach 90 degrees at night during the summer season. And although the concept may seem on its face like a cross between a club and a bar, Audio Bar is “definitely not a lounge”.

Vincent Do, Managing Partner of Audio Bar

By day, Audio Bar transforms into a sanctuary for sonic explorers. Imagine, if you will, a haven bathed in warm sunlight, where vintage record players hum a gentle melody. Here, nestled amongst a treasure trove of EDM vinyl, lies a space for the soul to delve into the vibrant tapestry of sound. Borrow a pair of plush headphones and let the music transport you, a solitary journey into the heart of rhythm and melody.

This isn’t your average Vegas experience. Imagine Bruno Mars‘ Pinky Ring’s electrifying mix of live jazz, buzzing dance floors, and a phone-free policy – Audio Bar takes that energy and adds its own spin. Think Jing, Downtown Summerlin’s chameleon, seamlessly switching between a swanky restaurant and an ultra-lounge (though Audio Bar welcomes you in whatever you feel most comfortable grooving in).

The Vision

Forget the rigid dress codes of some Vegas spots. Audio Bar embraces the free-spirited energy of Fremont East’s bar-hopping scene, ready to ignite your senses with high-octane vibes. Its closest competitor? The legendary Artifice Bar, which once ruled the street corner. However, Corner Bar Management has a different vision for that space now, transforming it into the exclusive Doberman bar.

Vincent Do spent years promoting clubs in Southern California and Scottsdale, Arizona. Now, he’s setting his sights on Las Vegas, but with a twist. He wants to capture the relaxed, welcoming vibe of Scottsdale’s nightlife scene, but with a focus on high-quality EDM music. Unlike some Vegas clubs, Audio Bar won’t have a strict dress code. “One thing Scottsdale gets right,” Do says with a laugh, “is attracting a good-looking crowd.” Looks like Vegas has some friendly competition coming its way! (source)

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