In a recent profile with The New Yorker, Rashida Jones reflected on her past feud with Tupac Shakur. The conflict began in 1993 when Tupac made offensive remarks about Rashida’s father, Quincy Jones, in an interview with The Source. At just 17, Rashida responded with a passionate open letter, defending her father’s legacy and condemning Tupac’s comments. Jones recalled her anger and determination, describing herself as “furious” and “self-righteous” at the time. Her letter, written while interning at Warner Bros. Records, criticized Tupac for disrespecting African American progress. However, the tension began to dissolve when Tupac mistook Rashida’s sister, Kidada, for her and apologized in New York. Eventually, Rashida and Tupac had a heartfelt conversation, leading to a meaningful reconciliation. Quincy Jones later admitted his initial disapproval of Tupac dating Kidada but appreciated the rapper’s eventual sincerity and friendship.

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