TV deaths might be a dime a dozen (although there’s a sizeable “Grey’s Anatomy” fanbase still mourning McDreamy), but rarely have celebrities had a chance to experience the effect their own passing might have on their friends, family and fans.

That’s set to change in an upcoming U.K. digital miniseries titled “Celebrity Send Off.” A branded co-pro between public service broadcaster Channel 4 and a funeral company, the series will take three familiar duos and get them to plan each other’s funerals.

Taking part are Happy Mondays lead singer Shaun Ryder and DJ Bez, “Gogglebox’s” Marcus Luther and his wife Mica Ven and British athlete turned broadcaster Kriss Akabusi and his daughter Shakira.

The celebs will first have a difficult but open conversation about what they’d like their funeral to look like with advice from Co-op Funeralcare before their on-screen partners get planning. For Ryder’s funeral, Bez gives a eulogy that pays homage to the men’s shared working class roots in Salford while the floral arrangement and wake are inspired by Ryder’s “experience with UFOs and extra-terrestrial life,” according to the press notes.

The series, from Channel 4 sales’ social branded division, will launch on Channel 4’s YouTube channel on July 3 and drop a new episode each week. Interstellar produced the series alongside media agency TSL (The Story Lab).

“Experiencing my own funeral arranged by Bez was a surreal moment to say the least,” said Ryder. “I always thought I’d have a burial, but Bez thought I’d go for a cremation. However, I loved his ideas. What I had in my own head and seeing what Bez created for me made me appreciate the importance of having open conversations about funeral wishes as it’s not something we really do.”

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