The temperatures were hot this week in June, but the music is cool and refreshing! Have I mentioned free? With special thanks to Littleton Museum and Friends of the Littleton Library for sponsoring the concerts and allowing the public to enjoy the free music that is available through July 31, 2024.  Was able to experience the wonderful hospitality at the concert and everyone was having a great time. Many brought their lawn chairs and were seated under the three large trees with lovely green leaves that provided adequate shade. Others who were brave to sit in the sun till evening shade arrived; spread their blankets around the stage. The yard is very spacious to where there is still plenty of room to walk around. All ages are welcome and there were many families. Many of the little ones enjoyed dancing on the lawn beside their parents.

The parking was wonderful with a parking lot and could also have the option of parking along side of the road in designated areas. Since the concerts start at 6 pm, the sun gently becomes more subtle as evening comes around. The concerts last to around 8 pm. There were affordable treats with different flavors of popsicles, choices of strawberry or orange, for only fifty cents each! Chocolate Ice cream that was only two dollars and ice-cold bottled water for only one dollar.

Before the concert started, we were greeted with a warm welcome; announcement to not have children climb the trees and that there was a bathroom inside the Littleton Museum for the concert guest. The music was really good and there was a variety of different style of songs. The summer music concerts in Littleton, Colorado are a wonderful way to socialize with family and friends, meet new friends, or just taking time to create happiness for yourself. I personally am excited to return for another concert at the Littleton Museum and perhaps I will see you there! To learn more about pet policy and other important information, please visit Littleton Colorado Museum Event Page.


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