Saweetie drops off her highly anticipated song “Nani” as she dishes on her life before fame, being broke and at one point having nowhere to call home.

The Los Angeles rapper debut her new song “Nani” on Friday months after first previewing the single and getting rave reviews from fans, prompting her label to take notice. Saweetie previously vent about her label not supporting her new music, but seems she finally get the greenlight and budget to release “Nani,” a bouncy summer track which she dropped with an accompanying music video.

Saweetie and her friends serve summer bodies in bikinis as she raps in the pool while showcasing her body clad in a neon bikini, pink hair, and matching nails. “Happy release day for ‘NANi’ I just wanna give a special thank you to everybody who has been anticipating and supporting it. I hope you guys like the video,” she told fans on X.

The Santa Clara rapper is opening up about her life before fame, sharing she went through a struggling period after graduating college. “I remember I was too like proud to tell like my friends and my family that I had no where to stay,” she said in an interview on Power 106 in Los Angeles. “And I was literally like couch surfing, but it was cool because people always wanted me around. I didn’t have to worry about having a place to stay.”

She added, “My homegirls knew what was going on but I never wanted to take up space in someone’s house. So I would keep my closet in my car.”

Saweetie shared that she was going through a period where she was conflicted about doing a full time job after college and also focus on her musical career. She said eventually she opted to fully pursue music and the rest is history.

The “My Type” rapper made headlines last month for something other than her music as she got dragged into the beef with Chris Brown and Quavo. In a fiery diss track against the Atlanta rapper, who used to date Saweetie, Chris Brown alleges that he had sex with her while the two were still dating. She also didn’t deny the allegation, but she did expose a screenshot of a message she got from the Migos rapper, which she left on read.

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