Celebrities have defended actor Kevin Spacey after a Channel 4 documentary accused him of sexual assault.  Speaking with The Telegraph, stars like Sharon Stone and Liam Neeson have claimed that Spacey has been unfairly canceled for years. The two-time Oscar winner has been blacklisted in Hollywood since 2017, despite being cleared of all charges and allegations of sexual assault. Celebrities are campaigning for Spacey’s return to acting. Stephen Fry called out the documentary for being an attack on the actor’s character. F. Murray Abraham said he “vouched for” Spacey “unequivocally” and accused his detractors of being “vultures.” “I am well aware that that did not happen… because, despite the challenges and the difficulties and the pain and the bad days, I’ve also witnessed the most beautiful demonstrations of friendship and love and family,” said Spacey in a statement.

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