If you’re a musician, especially one who plays the guitar, you know how attached you can be to your instrument. 

Musician’s guitars are like their babies; they care for them deeply and live through many life experiences with them. For many singer-songwriters, their guitars, especially the ones they’ve had for a long time, are their most valued treasures.

One buzzing musician, who recently set out on tour for a major artist, went viral at the end of April for sharing videos of her precious guitar after it had been destroyed in transit on a Delta Airlines flight.

Madi Diaz is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter who has been in the industry since the early 2000s. She’s been rising in popularity since the release of her last two albums and touring with major artists like Harry Styles.

Madi is setting out on an extra special tour this year, opening for her good friend, Grammy Award-winning country star Kacey Musgraves, but has suffered a tragic loss just before playing their first show in Ireland. She lost her guitar.

“Starting tour [with]  @KaceyMusgraves [tomorrow] and opened my guitar case to practice and found this,” Madi posted on X, along with photos and videos of her 20-year-old Martin guitar, lying broken in a case.

“The damage is beyond. How could this happen? Delta needs to know they can’t treat instruments like this.”

In additional posts, Madi explains that her Martin guitar had been with her for 20 years. She wrote so many of her songs on it, and it has been with her for over half of her life. 

On Instagram, Madi wrote that her guitar had been with her from her college dorm to on stage with Harry Styles. She had a memorable photo and lyrics to her song taped to it.

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