Slack Key ‘Ohana – Hawaiian Cowboy (Pacific Records, 2024)

Slack Key ‘Ohana, a Hawaiian band based in Kaleponi (California), presents Hawaiian Cowboy, a fascinating album that combines Hawaiian melodies with Americana. More specifically, the band delivers a unique, joyful and engaging musical fusion reflecting the cultural heritage of Hawaiian ranch workers, including collaborations with iconic figures like ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and Grammy-winning slack key guitar master George Kahumoku Jr.

Recorded at Studio 606, owned by Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl, the album captures the essence of live performances, utilizing the studio’s renowned Neve recording console for an organic sound.

Led by Brian Witkin and Kamaka Mullen, Slack Key ‘Ohana is a family affair, featuring members spanning generations, including Joe and Carol Witkin, along with Sean Witkin and Rand Anderson.

The album features a variety of themes, from love and longing to cultural heritage and protest, with each track offering a distinct mix of Hawaiian tradition and contemporary influences.

Standout tracks include “One More Day,” featuring ukulele virtuoso Brittni Paiva, and “Kuʻu Lei Nani Mai ʻOe,” incorporating traditional Hawaiian elements with modern flair.

Inspired by Hawaiian cowboys and their contribution to slack key guitar, the title track, “Hawaiian Cowboy,” pays homage to this rich musical tradition.

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Author: Ryan Emmert


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