PARIS, May 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TCL, the world’s second-largest TV brand and a leading consumer electronics company, is gearing up for an exciting summer of sports with latest QD-Mini LED range. As living rooms and gardens transform into vibrant hubs for watching the games, TCL shares essential tips for creating the ultimate sports entertainment space. Whether it’s the perfect TV or the best fridge for snacks, these suggestions will ensure homes are match-ready.

Stefan Streit, CMO at TCL Europe, stated: “At TCL, we are committed to inspiring greatness through a great summer of sports. Our goal is to help create memorable moments with friends and family, making every viewing experience special and immersive. We are excited to support fans across Europe as they cheer on their favourite teams.”


Now is the time to ‘go big’ and consider TCL’s 115″ QD-Mini LED TV, the world’s largest QD-Mini LED TV designed for the ultimate viewing experience. This massive TV utilises the latest QD-Mini LED technology, featuring over 20,000 local dimming zones, and delivers vibrant, true-to-life colours and exceptional detail. Its unparalleled brightness uniformity ensures that every spot on the screen is perfectly illuminated, eliminating dark areas for a flawless view of every single moment of the game. Certified for low blue light and flicker-free performance, this TV offers a comfortable viewing experience that helps prevent eye strain even when it goes to penalties!

Big moments deserve big screens – whether it’s the fast-paced action of football games or any big sporting event, this colossal screen brings the excitement and intensity of the stadium directly into the living room.

Selected TCL QD-Mini LED, QLED feature anti-reflective screens perfect for bright living rooms, to catch every moment without glare. The 144Hz Motion Clarity Pro on models like the C85 ensures smooth motion for dynamic sports scenes, while Dolby Vision enhances visual depth and realism. They also offer stunning HDR picture quality that brings out the finest details and vibrant colours in every frame, just as right there in the stadium and up close to the action.


To achieve full immersion in sports with an optimal sound setup, adding soundbars to a home entertainment system enhances every cheer and whistle, ensuring nothing is missed. TCL’s Dolby Audio Soundbars provide a truly immersive home theatre experience. Equipped with wireless subwoofers and DTS Virtual:X, the soundbars envelop listeners in the dynamic sounds of the stadium, creating the sensation of being right there.


Smart technology can make controlling entertainment effortless. Devices with voice command features can change channels or adjust the volume seamlessly. TCL’s innovative TVs, featuring Google TV™ and built-in Google Assistant™, allow uninterrupted enjoyment of the game.


Maintaining comfort during tense moments can be achieved with an air conditioning unit. These systems adjust the temperature to ideal settings and enhance indoor air quality, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience. TCL FreshIN 2.0 and BreezeIN Air Conditioners are excellent options, including compact models for easy storage when not in use.


Refreshments are essential for game days. To keep food and drinks chilled with TCL’s innovative refrigerators, the TCL Free Built-In Refrigerator features advanced built-in designs, fresh preservation technology, and energy efficiency, ensuring everything stays fresh and cool.

TCL’s commitment to innovation extends to its mobile products, featuring NXTPAPER display technologies that offer cinema-quality visuals and sound, seamlessly integrating into TCL’s smart device ecosystem.

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